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Act type : band
Country : Australia

co-direct award nominee award winner AC/DC has worked on a total of 63 videos.

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artist videography
(63 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2000-junSatellite bluesAndy Morahan
2000-junSafe in New York CityAndy Morahan
2000-aprStiff upper lipAndy Morahan
1996-julYou shook me (all night long) [version 3: Private parts]Betty Thomas
1996-aprHail CaesarDavid Mallet
1995-novCover you in oilDavid Mallet
1995-sepHard as a rockDavid Mallet
1993-mayBig gunDavid Mallet
1992-decDirty deeds done dirt cheap [version 2: live]David Mallet
1992-octHighway to Hell [version 2: live]David Mallet
1992Back in black [version 3: live in Moscow]
1991-marAre you ready?David Mallet
1991Rock your heart out
1990-decMoney talksDavid Mallet
1990-sepThunderstruckDavid Mallet
1988-marThat's the way I wanna rock 'n' rollPeter Sinclair & Brian Grant & Jiff Morrison
1988-janHeatseekerDavid Mallet
1986-julYou shook me (all night long) [version 2: 1986]David Mallet
1986-mayWho made who?David Mallet
1985-oct Shake your foundationsBrian Ward
1985-sepSink the pink [version 2]Brian Ward
1985-junSink the pink [version 1]Brian Ward
1985-jun DangerBrian Ward
1985Stand upBrian Ward
1985Fly on the wallBrian Ward
1983-octNervous shakedown [version 1]Paul Becher
1983-augGuns for hirePaul Becher
1983Nervous shakedown [version 2]
1982-marFor those about to rock (we salute you) [live]Derek Burbidge
1982-janFlick of the switchPaul Becher
1981-decLet's get it up [live]Derek Burbidge
1981-decPut the finger on you [live]Derek Burbidge
1980-decBack in black [version 2: live]Derek Burbidge
1980-augYou shook me (all night long) [version 1: 1980]Eric Dionysius & Eric Mistler
1980-julRock 'n' roll ain't noise pollutionEric Dionysius & Eric Mistler
1980-julBack in black [version 1: concept]Eric Dionysius & Eric Mistler
1980-julLet me put my love into youEric Dionysius & Eric Mistler
1980-julWhat do you do for money honey?Eric Dionysius & Eric Mistler
1980-julHell's bells [version 2]Derek Burbidge
1980-julHell's bells [version 1]Eric Dionysius & Eric Mistler
1979-decTouch too much
1979-augIf you want blood (you've got it) [live]
1979-augShot down in flames
1979-augWalk all over you [version 1]
1979-julHighway to Hell [version 1: concept]
1979Walk all over you [version 2: live]
1978-aprRock 'n' roll damnation
1978Bad boy boogie [live]
1978Riff raff [live]
1977-sepLet there be rock
1977-marDog eat dog
1977It's a long way to the top [version 2: parade float]Paul Drane
1977Jailbreak [version 3: prison]Paul Drane
1976-octDirty deeds done dirt cheap [version 1: concept]
1976-augJailbreak [version 2: outdoors]
1976-junJailbreak [version 1: studio]
1976Baby please don't go [live]Russell Mulcahy
1976Problem child [live]Russell Mulcahy
1975-decIt's a long way to the top [version 1: studio]
1975-junHigh voltageLarry Larstead
1975-junShow business
1974-julCan I sit next to you girl?

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