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Kenny Chesney

Act type : male artist

Discography :

  • 1994: In my wildest dreams
  • 1995: All I need to know
  • 1996: Me and you
  • 2017: Cosmic hallelujah

co-direct award nominee award winner Kenny Chesney has worked on a total of 32 videos.

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artist videography
(32 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2018-jun Trip around the Sun
2018-may Get along
2017-aug All the pretty girlsJessica Martinez & William Renner
2013-feb Pirate flagShaun Silva
2012-jun Come overShaun Silva
2011-may You and tequilaShaun Silva
2006-augYou save meShaun Silva
2005-decLiving in fast forwardShaun Silva
2005-sepWho you'd be todayShaun Silva
2004-decOld blue chairShaun Silva
2004-novAnything but mineShaun Silva
2004-jul [GUEST] Hey good lookin'Trey Fanjoy
2004-junI go backShaun Silva
2004-feb Live those songsShaun Silva
2004-feb When the sun goes downShaun Silva
2003-nov There goes my lifeShaun Silva
2003-may No shoes, no shirt, no problemsShaun Silva
2003-jan Big starShaun Silva
2002-aprThe good stuffShaun Silva
2002-janYoungShaun Silva
2001-janDon't happen twiceKenny Chesney & Glen Rose
2000-augI lost itMartin Kahan
1999-octShe thinks my tractor's sexyMartin Kahan
1998-decHow forever feelsMartin Kahan
1997-decThat's why I'm hereMartin Kahan
1997-junShe's got it allMartin Kahan
1996-jul Me and youChuck Kuhn
1995-jul All I need to knowChuck Kuhn
1995-mar Fall in love Miller Murano
1994-jul Somebody's callin'Jeffrey C. Phillips
1994-feb The tin manTom Bevins
1993-octWhatever it takesTom Bevins

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