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P.J. Harvey
(1969- )

Act type : female artist
Birth name : Polly Jean Harvey
Born : 9 October 1969
Country : UK

Discography :

co-direct award nominee award winner P.J. Harvey has worked on a total of 37 videos.

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artist videography
(37 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
 Victory [live]
1992DressMaria Mochnacz
1992-febSheela-Na-GigMaria Mochnacz
1993-may50 ft. QueenieMaria Mochnacz
1993-julMan-sizeMaria Mochnacz
1995To bring you my love
1995-febDown by the waterMaria Mochnacz
1995-jul C'mon BillyMaria Mochnacz
1995-oct Send his love to meMaria Mochnacz
1996-mar [GUEST] Henry LeeRocky Schenck
1996-augIs that all there is?Maria Mochnacz
1996-nov [GUEST] That was my veilMaria Mochnacz
1998AngeleneMaria Mochnacz
1998-may [GUEST] Broken homesTheodore Witcher
1998-augA perfect day EliseMaria Mochnacz
1998-decThe windMaria Mochnacz
2000-sepGood fortuneSophie Muller
2001You said something
2001-janA place called homeSophie Muller
2001-sep This is loveSophie Muller
2004The desperate kingdom of loveMaria Mochnacz
2004-mayWho the fuck?Maria Mochnacz
2004-jun The letterMaria Mochnacz
2004-jul You come throughMaria Mochnacz
2011Let England shakeSeamus Murphy
2011The last living roseSeamus Murphy
2011The glorious landSeamus Murphy
2011The words that maketh murderSeamus Murphy
2011All and everyoneSeamus Murphy
2011On Battleship HillSeamus Murphy
2011EnglandSeamus Murphy
2011In the dark placesSeamus Murphy
2011Bitter branchesSeamus Murphy
2011Hanging in the wireSeamus Murphy
2011Written on the foreheadSeamus Murphy
2011The colour of the earthSeamus Murphy

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