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Act type : band
Formed : 1972
Disbanded : 1982
Country : Sweden

co-direct award nominee award winner ABBA has worked on a total of 51 videos.

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artist videography
(51 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
1994-sep Dancing Queen [version 4: film]
1992-octVoulez-vous [version 2: Abba Gold edit]
1992-oct Dancing Queen [version 3: collage] N/A
1983-janUnder attackKjell Sundvall
1982-octThe day before you cameKjell Sundvall
1982-marWhen all is said and doneLasse Hallström
1982-febHead over heelsLasse Hallström
1981-decOne of usLasse Hallström
1981-julLay all your love on me
1981-marSuper TrouperLasse Hallström
1981No hay a quien culpar
1981Happy New YearLasse Hallström
1980-decOn and on and onLasse Hallström
1980-augThe winner takes it allLasse Hallström
1980-febI have a dream
1980Hovas vittne
1979-octGimme! Gimme! Gimme! (a man after midnight)Lasse Hallström
1979-augVoulez-vous [version 1]Lasse Hallström
1979-mayDoes your mother know?Lasse Hallström
1979Estoy soñando
1978-octSummer night cityLasse Hallström
1978-mayEagleLasse Hallström
1978-febTake a chance on meLasse Hallström
1978One man, one womanLasse Hallström
1978Thank you for the music [version 2]
1977-dec Dancing Queen [version 2: live]Lasse Hallström
1977-octThe name of the gameLasse Hallström
1977-febKnowing me, knowing you [version 2: snow]
1977Thank you for the music [version 1]
1977Hole in your soul
1977Why did it have to be me?
1977When I kissed the teacher [version 2]
1977Rock me
1977That's meLasse Hallström
1976-octMoney, money, money [version 2]
1976-aug Dancing Queen [version 1: dancing kids]Lasse Hallström
1976-marFernandoLasse Hallström
1976When I kissed the teacher [version 1]
1976Money, money, money [version 1: flapper dress]
1976Knowing me, knowing you [version 1: sailboat]
1975-octS.O.S.Lasse Hallström
1975-augMamma miaLasse Hallström
1975-aprI do, I do, I do, I do, I do [live]Lasse Hallström
1975Bang-a-boomerangLasse Hallström
1974-aprWaterlooLasse Hallström
1973-octRing ringLasse Hallström
1973People need love

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