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Act type : male artist
Real name : Christopher Bridges
Country : USA

co-direct award nominee award winner Ludacris has worked on a total of 38 videos.

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artist videography
(38 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2018-mar [GUEST] The championJames Lynch
2015-apr Beast mode‬Ev Salomon
2013-apr [GUEST] All around the worldLife Garland
2012-may [GUEST] We in thisBenny Boom
2010-mar [GUEST] All I do is win [version 1] Dayo
2010-feb [GUEST] BabyRay Kay
2010-feb My chick badTaj Stansberry
2009-mar [GUEST] How do you sleep? [version 2: concept]Rich Lee
2008-dec [GUEST] How do you sleep? [version 1: live]
2006-novRunaway loveJessy Terrero
2006-octGrew up a screw upChaka Zulu
2006-augMoney maker Melina
2005-dec [GUEST] UnpredictableHype Williams
2005-novGeorgiaChaka Zulu
2005-mayPimpin' all over the world Little X
2005-mar [GUEST] Oh! Fat Cats
2005-feb#1 Spot / Potion Fat Cats
2004-novGet backSpike Jonze
2004-aug [GUEST] Break breadErik White
2004-aug [GUEST] Shake dat shit Fat Cats
2004-mar [GUEST] Yeah! Little X
2004-marSouthern fried intro / Blow it out Fat Cats
2004-febSplash waterfallsDavid Meyers
2003-octStand upDavid Meyers
2003-mayAct the foolBryan Barber
2002-dec [GUEST] Gossip folksDavid Meyers
2002-nov [GUEST] B R rightDarren Grant & Ted Lucas
2002-aug [GUEST] Growing pains (do it again) [remix]Benny Boom
2002-junMove bitchErik White & Chaka Zulu
2002-febSaturday (ooh ooh)Steve Carr
2002-jan [GUEST] Welcome to AtlantaMarc Klasfeld
2001-nov Rollout (my business)Jeremy Rall
2001-oct [GUEST] Fatty girlHype Williams
2001-julArea codesMarc Klasfeld
2001-jun [GUEST] One minute manDavid Meyers
2001-jun [GUEST] Loverboy [remix]David LaChapelle
2001-janSouthern hospitalityJeremy Rall
2000-octWhat's your fantasy?Jeremy Rall

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