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(1971- )

Act type : male artist
Real name : Tim Mosley
Born : 10 March 1971

See also Timbaland's technician credits.

co-direct award nominee award winner Timbaland has worked on a total of 21 videos.

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artist videography
(21 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2011-dec [GUEST] FascinatedColin Tilley
2008-apr [GUEST] 4 minutes Jonas & François
2006-nov [GUEST] Say it right
2006-nov [GUEST] Wait a minuteMarc Webb
2006-aug [GUEST] SexyBackMichael Haussman
2006-may [GUEST] Promiscuous Little X
2004-mar [GUEST] Home tonightAntwan Smith
2003-nov [GUEST] I'll be aroundLenny Bass
2002-aug [GUEST] Are we cuttin'? Vem & Tony & Marc Klasfeld
2002-jun [GUEST] Big headChris Robinson
2002-jun [GUEST] Money ownersJessy Terrero
2001-apr [GUEST] We need a resolutionPaul Hunter
2000-sep [GUEST] Who are you?Hype Williams
2000-mar [GUEST] Try againWayne Isham
1999Lobster and scrimpSteve Carr
1998-novHere we comeFrancis Lawrence
1998-jun [GUEST] Hit 'em wit da heePaul Hunter
1998-jun [GUEST] Are you that somebody?Mark Gerard
1998 [GUEST] Same ol' GDavid Meyers
1997-dec [GUEST] Beep me 911Earle Sebastian
1997-aug [GUEST] Hot like fireLance Rivera

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