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Puff Daddy
(1970- )

Act type : male artist
Real name : Sean Combs
Born : 1970
Country : USA

Discography :

  • 1997: No way out

co-direct award nominee award winner Puff Daddy has worked on a total of 25 videos.

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artist videography
(25 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2009AngelsHype Williams
2000-jan [GUEST] Notorious [version 1]Sean Combs & Matt X
1999-novBest friendPaul Hunter
1999-sepSatisfy youHype Williams
1999-julPE 2000 [version 3: rock remix]Sean Combs & Matt X
1999-julPE 2000 [version 2: Spanish Fly] Matt X & Sean Combs
1999-julPE 2000 [version 1]Martin Weisz
1999-apr [GUEST] Hate me nowHype Williams
1999 [GUEST] All night longPaul Hunter
1998-jun Come with meHoward Greenhalgh
1998-apr VictoryMarcus Nispel
1998-jan [GUEST] 24 hours to liveNick Quested
1998-jan Been around the world [version 2: remix]Sean Combs
1997-decIt's all about you
1997-nov Been around the world [version 1]Paul Hunter
1997-octIt's all about the Benjamins [version 2: rock remix]Spike Jonze
1997-aug [GUEST] Honey [version 2: bad boy rap remix]Daniel Pearl
1997-augIt's all about the Benjamins [version 1]Paul Hunter
1997-jul [GUEST] SomeoneJoseph Kahn
1997-jun [GUEST] Mo' money, mo' problemsHype Williams
1997-mayI'll be missing youHype Williams
1997-janCan't nobody hold me downPaul Hunter
1996-dec [GUEST] You don't have to worry [remix]Brian Luvar & Michael Bivins
1996-nov [GUEST] No timeMarcus Nispel
  [GUEST] Don CartagenaChris Robinson

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