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Busta Rhymes

Act type : male artist
Real name : Trevor Smith
Country : USA

See also Busta Rhymes's technician credits.

Discography :

co-direct award nominee award winner Busta Rhymes has worked on a total of 56 videos.

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artist videography
(56 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2011-mar [GUEST] Look at me nowColin Tilley
2011-feb [GUEST] Bang yo city Dre
2010-jun [GUEST] All I do is win [version 2: remix]Gil Green
2010-feb [GUEST] We are the world 25 for HaitiPaul Haggis
2006-augIn the ghettoChris Robinson
2006-jul [GUEST] Wanna love you girl [version 3: remix]P.R. Brown
2006-julNew York shit
2006-mayI love my chickBenny Boom
2006-marTouch it [version 2: remix]Benny Boom
2005-decTouch it [version 1]Benny Boom & Busta Rhymes
2005-may [GUEST] Don't chaPaul Hunter
2005 [GUEST] What's happenin'?Diane Martel
2004-janShorty (put it on the floor)Gregory Dark
2003-nov [GUEST] Get low [version 2: remix]Gil Green
2003-sepLight your ass on fireJoseph Kahn
2003-aug [GUEST] Fire (yes, yes y'all)Paul Hunter & Kevin Hunter
2003-jun [GUEST] Never leave you - uh ooh, uh oooh!Nzingha Stewart
2003-marI know what you wantChris Robinson
2002-decMake it clap [version 2: remix]Erik White
2002-novMake it clap [version 1]Chris Robinson & Busta Rhymes
2002-aug [GUEST] Tonight I'm gonna let go
2002-marPass the courvoiseur (part II)Chris Robinson & Busta Rhymes
2002-janPass the courvoiseurChris Robinson
2001-decAs I come back / Break yer neckHype Williams & Busta Rhymes
2001-octBreak ya neckHype Williams & Busta Rhymes
2001-julWhat it isHype Williams
2001-jan [GUEST] Ante up [version 2: remix]Chris Robinson & Jessy Terrero
2000-jul FireHype Williams & Busta Rhymes
2000-mayGet outHype Williams & Busta Rhymes
2000-jan [GUEST] ImperialDiane Martel
1999-jul [GUEST] Holla, holla [version 2: remix]Hype Williams
1999-marWhat's it gonna be?Hype Williams & Busta Rhymes
1999-febTear the roof off / Party goin' on over hereHype Williams
1998-novGimme some mo'Hype Williams & Busta Rhymes
1998-apr [GUEST] VictoryMarcus Nispel
1998-marTurn it up [remix] / Fire it upPaul Hunter & Busta Rhymes
1998-feb [GUEST] CuriousPaul Hunter
1997-novDangerousHype Williams & Busta Rhymes
1997-augPut your hands where my eyes could seeHype Williams & Busta Rhymes
1997-mar [GUEST] Wild 4 da nightSteve Carr
1997-jan [GUEST] The theme (it's party time)Lara M. Schwartz & Mark Pitts
1997-jan [GUEST] Rumble in the jungleMarc Smerling & Mark Woolen
1996-nov [GUEST] Hit 'em high
1996-jun It's a partyMarcus Raboy
1996-apr Woo-hah! got you all in check [version 2: world wide remix]Michael Lucero
1996-feb Woo-hah! got you all in check [version 1]Hype Williams
1996 [GUEST] Change like the weather Kennedy
1995 [GUEST] Vibin' [version 2: remix]Lionel C. Martin
1992-mar [GUEST] ScenarioJim Swaffield
  [GUEST] The party [remix] Little X
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