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Kylie Minogue
(1968- )

Act type : female artist
Born : 28 May 1968
Country : Australia

Australian singer and actress.

Discography :

  • 2002: Fever
  • 2018: Golden

co-direct award nominee award winner Kylie Minogue has worked on a total of 53 videos.

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artist videography
(53 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2018-may GoldenSophie Muller
2018-apr Stop me from falling [version 2]
2018-mar Stop me from falling [version 1]
2018-feb DancingSophie Muller
2006-febSomewhere over the rainbow
2006-febYour disco needs you [version 2: live]
2006-febI believe in you [version 2: live]
2006-febConfide in me [version 2: live]
2006-janCan't get you out of my head [version 2: live]
2006-janBetter the Devil you know [version 2: live]
2005-feb Giving you up Alex & Martin
2004-novI believe in you [version 1]Vernie Yeung
2004-febRed blooded womanJake Nava
2004ChocolateDawn Shadforth
2004Spinning aroundDawn Shadforth
2003-decSlowBaillie Walsh
2002-oct Come into my worldMichel Gondry
2002-mayLove at first sightJohan Renck
2002In your eyesDawn Shadforth
2001-sep Can't get you out of my head [version 1]Dawn Shadforth
2001-janYour disco needs you [version 1]Todd Cole
2000-decPlease stay James & Alex
2000-oct [GUEST] KidsSimon Hilton
2000-augOn a night like thisDouglas Avery
1998-octCowboy styleMichael Williams
1998-febBreatheKieran Evans
1997-octDid it againPedro Romhanyi
1997-augSome kind of blissDavid Mould
1996-jul [GUEST] G.B.I. (German Bold Italic)Stéphane Sednaoui
1995-oct [GUEST] Where the wild roses growRocky Schenck
1995-julWhere is the feeling?Keir McFarlane
1994-novPut yourself in my placeKeir McFarlane
1994-augConfide in me [version 1]Paul Boyd
1992-novCelebrationGreg Masuak
1992-julWhat kind of fool (heard all that before)?Greg Masuak
1992-aprFiner feelingsDavid Hogan
1992-janGimme just a little more timeGreg Masuak
1991-oct If you were with me nowGreg Masuak
1991-augWord is outJames Lebon
1991-mayShockedDavid Hogan
1990-decWhat do I have to do?David Hogan
1990-octStep back in timeNick Egan
1990-mayBetter the Devil you know [version 1]Paul Goldman
1990-janTears on my pillowPeter Cornish
1989-novNever too latePeter Cornish
1989-julWouldn't change a thingPeter Cornish
1989-aprHand on your heartChris Langham
1988-novEspecially for youChris Langham
1988-novIt's no secretChris Langham
1988-octJe ne sais pas pourquoiChris Langham
1988-augThe loco-motionChris Langham
1988-mayGot to be certainChris Langham
1988-janI should be so luckyChris Langham

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