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Chaka Khan
(1953- )

Act type : female artist
Real name : Yvette Stevens
Born : 23 March 1953
Country : USA

co-direct award nominee award winner Chaka Khan has worked on a total of 22 videos.

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artist videography
(22 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
 Life is a dance
1984-decThis is my night
1985-julCan't stop the street
1992-febLove you all my life [version 1]
1992-aprLove you all my life [version 2]
1992-julYou can make the story right
1996-sepNever miss the water
1985-marThrough the fireMarty Callner
 Don't talk to strangersSteve Carr
1986-julLove of a lifetimePeter Clayton
2018-jun Like sugarKim Gehrig
1988-novIt's my partyGreg Gold
1978-octI'm every womanBruce Gowers
1996-aug [GUEST] Missing youF. Gary Gray
1986-jun [GUEST] Higher lovePeter Kagan & Paula Greif
1989-nov [GUEST] I'll be good to youDavid Kellogg
1995-augLove me stillSpike Lee
1989-junAin't nobodyKevin Molony
2000-nov [GUEST] All good?David Nelson
1992-nov [GUEST] Feels like HeavenPiers Plowden
1984-sep I feel for youJane Simpson
1995-jul [GUEST] Watch what you sayHype Williams

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