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Act type : band

co-direct award nominee award winner Placebo has worked on a total of 27 videos.

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artist videography
(27 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2009-apr For what it's worthHoward Greenhalgh
2007 Follow the cops back home [version 2] Arni & Kinski
2006-sep MedsDavid Mould
2006-aug Follow the cops back home [version 1]Daniel Askill
2006-mayInfra-redEd Holdsworth
2006-febSong to say goodbyePhilippe André
2006-febBecause I want you [live]Russell Thomas
2004-sep20 yearsSimon Cracknell
2004-mayEvery you every me [version 2: live]
2004-febProtège-moi [live]
2004-febProtect me from what I wantGaspar Noé
2004-febEnglish summer rain
2003-julSpecial needsPaul Gore
2003-junThis pictureHoward Greenhalgh
2003-marThe bitter endHoward Greenhalgh
2001-octBlack-eyedVanessa Jopp
2001-febSpecial KHoward Greenhalgh
2000-sepSlave to the wageHoward Greenhalgh
2000-julTaste in menBarbara McDonough
1999-janEvery you every me [version 1: concept]John Hillcoat
1998-octYou don't care about usJohn Hillcoat
1998-augPure morningNick Gordon
1997-mayBruise pristineHoward Greenhalgh
1996-dec Nancy boyHoward Greenhalgh
1996-sepTeenage angst
1996-jun36 degreesChris Cunningham
1996-febCome home

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