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Bon Jovi

Act type : band
Country : USA

Discography :

  • 1985: 7800 Fahrenheit
  • 1989: New Jersey
  • 1995: These days
  • 2005: Have a nice day -- buy @ amazon
  • 2016: This house is not for sale

co-direct award nominee award winner Bon Jovi has worked on a total of 65 videos.

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artist videography
(65 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2018-apr WallsMatt Barnes
2018-mar When we were usMatt Barnes
2017-jan God bless this messMatt Barnes
2016-dec New Year's DayAlex Howard
2016-dec Born again tomorrowFrank Borin & Ivanna Borin
2016-dec Roller coasterMatt Barnes
2016-dec The Devil's in the templeFrank Borin & Ivanna Borin
2016-nov Scars on this guitarMatt Barnes
2016-nov Come on up to our houseAlex Howard
2016-nov Labor of loveFrank Borin & Ivanna Borin
2016-oct KnockoutAlex Howard
2016-aug This house is not for sale Indrani
2013-jan Because we canFisher Stevens
2006-marWho says you can't go home [version 2: human dog]Jeff Labbe
2005-nov Who says you can't go home [version 1: home construction]Anthony M. Bongiovi
2005-novWelcome to wherever you areWayne Isham
2005-augHave a nice dayEric Hirshberg
2004-sepIt's my life [version 2]
2003-febAll about loving youMarc Klasfeld
2002-novMisunderstoodMarc Klasfeld
2002-sepEverydayTodd Kellstein
2001-junOne wild nightNancy Bardawil
2000-novThank you for loving meWayne Isham
2000-sep Say it isn't soWayne Isham
2000-mayIt's my life [version 1]Wayne Isham
1999-marReal lifeWayne Isham
1996-mayHey GodMatt Mahurin
1996-febThese days
1995-novLie to me [version 2]
1995-novLie to me [version 1]Marty Callner
1995-sepSomething for the painMarty Callner
1995-jun This ain't a love songAndy Morahan
1995-febSomeday it'll be Saturday nightAdolfo Doring
1994-sepAlwaysMarty Callner
1994-mayGood guys don't always wear whiteWayne Isham
1994-marDry countryNick Egan
1994If I was your mother
1993-sepI believeNick Egan
1993-junI'll sleep when I'm deadTroy Smith
1993-aprIn these armsWayne Isham
1993-marCama de roses
1993-febBed of roses [version 2]
1993-janBed of roses [version 1]Wayne Isham
1992-novI wish every day could be like ChristmasJoel Gallen
1992-octKeep the faithPhil Joanou
1991Shooting star
1989-nov Living in sinWayne Isham
1989-julLay your hands on meWayne Isham
1989-aprI'll be there for you [live]Wayne Isham
1989Blood on blood [live]Wayne Isham
1988-decBorn to be my babyWayne Isham
1988-novBad medicine [version 2]Wayne Isham
1988-sepBad medicine [version 1]Wayne Isham
1987-julNever say goodbye [live]Wayne Isham
1987-marWanted dead or aliveWayne Isham
1987Wild in the streets [live]Wayne Isham
1986-decLiving on a prayer [version 2: live]Wayne Isham
1986-sepLiving on a prayer [version 1]Wayne Isham
1986-junYou give love a bad name [live]Wayne Isham
1985-oct Silent nightMarcelo Epstein
1985-augHardest part is the night
1985-may In and out of loveMartin Kahan
1985-aprOnly lonelyJack Cole
1984-mayShe don't know meMartin Kahan

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