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(1974- )

Act type : band
Formed : 1974
Country : USA

Discography :

co-direct award nominee award winner Blondie has worked on a total of 38 videos.

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artist videography
(38 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2011-may MotherLaurent Rejto
2009-dec We three kings
2006-mar Rapture ridersMark Vidler
2003-sep Good boysJonas Akerlund
1999-oct No exit
1999-jun Nothing is real but the girl James & Alex
1999-feb MariaNick Beal
1999 Rapture / Maria / No exitFrank Sacramento
1994 Atomic [version 2: remix]V. Vero & D. Cross & B. Harris
1991-mar Call me [version 3]Chris Stein
1982-apr Island of lost soulsKeith MacMillan
1981-oct Call me [version 2: taxi]Keith MacMillan
1981-jan RaptureKeith MacMillan
1981 The tide is high [version 2]Brian Grant
1980-oct The tide is high [version 1]Hart Perry
1980-feb Call me [version 1: film]David Mallet
1979-oct Living in the real worldDavid Mallet
1979-oct VictorDavid Mallet
1979-oct Sound asleepDavid Mallet
1979-oct Atomic [version 1]David Mallet
1979-oct Slow motionDavid Mallet
1979-oct Die young stay prettyDavid Mallet
1979-oct Accidents never happenDavid Mallet
1979-oct Eat to the beatDavid Mallet
1979-oct ShaylaDavid Mallet
1979-oct Union City BlueDavid Mallet
1979-oct The hardest partDavid Mallet
1979-sep DreamingDavid Mallet
1979-may Sunday girl
1979-jan Heart of glassStanley Dorfman
1978-oct Hanging on the telephoneDavid Mallet
1978-aug Picture thisKeith MacMillan
1978-may Detroit 442Keith MacMillan
1978-apr (I'm always touched by your) Presence dearKeith MacMillan
1978-feb DenisKeith MacMillan
1977 In the Sun
1976-oct In the fleshRichard Robinson & Bob Gruen
1976-jun X offenderRichard Robinson & Bob Gruen

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