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MichaŽl Youn
(1973- )

Act type : male artist
Birth name : MichaŽl Benayoun
Born : 2 December 1973
Country : France

MichaŽl Youn is an outrageous French comedian whose first clash with stardom was when he hosted Morning live, an early morning TV show on the popular French TV network M6. His mission: to wake people up -- and if that meant creeping up to your bed and yelling at you through a megaphone, or running around naked like a madman, then he would do it. And, indeed, he did.

But his real big break came in 2002 when he put together the dimwit boyband wannabes Bratisla Boys. But Youn is not one to rest on his laurels or to be satisfied by what has been accomplished. So instead of falling into the pitfalls of stardom, he prefered to bury the band quick and easy, while it was still at its height -- and with a high dose of humor, as one would expect.

He returned a year later as Alphonse Brown (the secret brother of James Brown!) in the movie La beuze. Again, he met with success... with the movie, to some extent, but more importantly with the song Alphonse Brown.

In 2004, it is once again through a feature film that MichaŽl Youn draws everyone's attention. Although this time, he not only acts and sings, but also directs Les 11 commandements. The first single taken from the soundtrack -- Comme des connards -- is yet another big hit.

Member of Fatal Bazooka.

Former member of les Conards.

Former member of Bratisla Boys.

co-direct award nominee award winner MichaŽl Youn has worked on a total of 2 videos.

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AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2005-feb IznogoudKarim Adda
2003Alphonse Brown (le frunkp)

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