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Within Temptation
(1996- )

Act type : band
Formed : 1996
Country : Netherlands

Discography :

  • 2000: Mother Earth
  • 2007: The heart of everything
  • 2009: An acoustic night at the theatre
  • 2011: The unforgiving
  • 2014: Hydra

co-direct award nominee award winner Within Temptation has worked on a total of 30 videos.

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artist videography
(30 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2014-dec Covered by roses
2014-may And we runTim Smit
2014-jan Whole world is watchingPatric Ullaeus
2013-dec DangerousPatric Ullaeus
2013-sep Paradise (what about us?)Maarten Welzen & Tim Smit
2013-apr Titanium
2011-dec Fire and ice
2011-oct Shot in the darkJoeri Holsheimer
2011-jun SinéadJoeri Holsheimer
2011-jan FasterJoeri Holsheimer
2009-oct UtopiaOscar Verpoort
2009-jan What have you done? [version 3: live]
2008-nov Hand of sorrowJean-Francois Giroux
2008-sep ForgivenOliver Sommer
2007-oct All I needOliver Sommer
2007-jun FrozenOliver Sommer
2007-may The howling [version 2]Oliver Sommer
2007-mar What have you done? [version 2: fighting couple]Jonathan Weyland
2007-feb What have you done? [version 1: jungle chase]
2006-dec The howling [version 1: video game]
2005-jul AngelsOliver Sommer
2005-jan MemoriesBernard Wedig & Conchita Soares
2005 Jillian (I'd give my heart)
2004-oct Stand my groundBernard Wedig & Conchita Soares
2003-may Running up that hillJörn Heitmann
2002 Never-ending story
2002 Ice Queen [version 2: colored landscapes]Patric Ullaeus
2002 Mother EarthPatric Ullaeus
2001-jun Ice Queen [version 1: web search]
1998-oct The dance

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