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Nicolas Deprost
(added on 18 March 2006)

I am a French director, working in Paris and Lille, in the north of France.

After studies in advertising, and some shooting in Paris (with Entropie and Mobilis, French productions), I've shot a Joseph Arthur music video, "Invisible hands", for training. This music video was very well accepted by professionals in France, and I was nominated at the 2005 International Music Video Festival, in France. Later, as I worked on other projects, my staff asked me to do another music video, so I met Joseph Arthur, and we talked about a new video for his new album. He agreed, and we made it.

Now I'm searching for a production company in France to work with.

Go to my website to view my two videos:

Notice Bureau
(added on 05 December 2005)

We are a duo of directors working together as Notice Bureau. We (Tavish and yours truly, Celia) come from very different backgrounds. Tavish is an award winning graphic designer / illustrator, and I'm originally from Paris, France and come from a background in photography and installation art. Our approaches result in work with strong, simple concepts and an original blend of graphic and filmed imagery.

Our first video, Groove grave for Quebécois rap group Loco Locass was produced last spring. The song's theme (fiercely anti-consumerist and anti-capitalist), is illustrated by images of luxury bags burning, intercut with an animation of the song's lyrics being illuminated as the song goes, like on a bilboard. The video went on to become the most aired video of the summer on MusiquePlus (Canada's French language music network), and was nominated for best francophone video at the MuchMusic Video Awards.

Right now we have just finished shooting for electronic/hip hop dj and producer Ghislain Poirier's Don't smile, it's post-modern. We can't unveil the concept at this point, but we can already say that it features a magical urinal, frenetic dancing, and a cameo by an actual security guard. It will be released after post-production has wrapped early next year.

To see our work:

Celia Marais.

Julien Bittner
(added on 30 September 2005)

I'm 27 and I've just directed my first video for Vista Le Vie. Vista Le Vie is Max & Gilles living in Paris and creating songs in their little home-studio. They've already released two mini albums "Don't" and "Slip It Under" and the video I directed was for promotion of their full-length album "A futuristic family film" which has tracks featuring Grand National and Black Sifichi  amongst others. To know more about Vista Le Vie, check out their web site or FCom's web site where you can find all the info about the band and hear their tracks : (you can see the video on both sites).

I also collaborate with the "band" as guitar and bass player on some tracks. When the album was ready, Fcom suggested they make a music video to promote it. Max called me and I met the Fcom people to talk about the song we should choose and the budget. We all decided on "Crime in stereo" a very dark song with a very dark voice (Black Sifichi) and a very dark theme (finding a gun to kill people)... We agreed that we didn't want to see any guns or macabre shots in the video, everybody wanted a black and white 70's film look... and I came up with a concept a week later : a guy walking around with floating objects around his head...

The idea was this guy walking in the streets trying to find a gun, he passes by people holding objects ( a burger, a cell-phone, car keys, etc..) hoping he'll pass by someone carrying a gun. He ends up never finding any gun. and the whole thing ends up being a bum's wild imagination... In a way the video ends up being quite critical against consumerism...

The shooting went fine, I was quite lucky with the weather as the two days of shoot were the only two days of sunshine in France last may! Post-production went fine. Nothing much to add. I was pretty happy with the result considering the budget (looooooow).

I'm an independent director and I'm currently trying to find production companies to direct more music videos. So please feel free to check out my web site, watch my demo, watch the Vista le Vie video, read and watch my resume, and post any comments, suggestions, ideas, or whatever you feel like posting...  (contact on the site).

Thanks to all, good luck to all, special thanks and congrats to Alex S. Garcia for this great site.


Nick Lambrou
(added on 15 February 2005)

POW!!! Hello. My name is Nick Lambrou. I am a 21 year old video director from St. Louis, MO, and I know everyone says this, but I truly was a Cambodian praying mantis until a dyslexic wizard violently transformed me into an average midwestern film student. My first music video was recently published by Maverick Records for Goldfinger's new single Wasted. Please check it out at or at and tell your friends that it was better than the new video on TRL for Vivaldi's concerto No. 11 in D Major.

After a brief encounter on a tour bus with record producer and Goldfinger front-man John Feldmann, I was given the opportunity to edit the band's live tour footage for the enhanced video section of their new album Disconnection notice. John liked the finished product and allowed me to make another video for the CD. With help from Goldfinger's lovely manager Stephanie Brownstein, I convinced Maverick to give me a budget of $15,016 to fly to Toronto, Ontario and film a video on 16mm for their new single "Wasted".

I had one week (during midterms) to reserve equipment, get permits, find a small crew, get production insurance and think of a video (Thanksgiving was that week too, so many places were closed for the holiday). The first time I heard the song was on the way to Toronto! After locking my keys in the production van, I was pretty sure that the sub-zero Canadian weather would destroy whatever respect my hired two man film crew initially had for me, but oh was I wrong about not thinking I wasn't right about being wrong... or was I? Brent Clark (DP) and Darryl Augustine (1st AC) were amazing and we worked extremely well together.

Considering the circumstances, I think the video turned out great. Its been the number two most watched video at for over a week now and I like to think that if it weren't for horny 17 year old boys on the internet, I could beat Britney Spears for the #1 spot. Regardless, I am just so ecstatic and honored that I have had the opportunity to do what I love. I hope you like my video.

Currently I am finishing my new project that will hit stores by the end of March. Check out the Story of the Year: Live in the Lou DVD. They are very very cool guys and have by far the BEST live performance of any band I have ever seen.

If you would like to contact me, you can do so at Thank you and enjoy.

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