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New releases for the week of October 30, 2006

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106 videos are currently listed as having been released during this week.

WEEK OF OCTOBER 30, 2006 (106 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
Peggy   West Indies    
Portugal. The Man   AKA M80 the wolf   Isaac Rentz  
Beck   Cell phone's dead   Michel Gondry  
Barenaked Ladies   Wind it up   Josh Forbes  
Nightmare of You   My name is Trouble   Ethan Borsuk & Jay Bulger  
Scissor Sisters   Land of a thousand words   Brumby Boylston & Chris Dooley  
Elista   Dès le départ, dès le début   François Nemeta  
Sparta   Taking back control   Jon Watts  
Citizen Cope   Back together   Paul Dektor  
Chelo + Too $hort   Yummy   Ethan Lader  
RBD   Tu amor   Diane Martel  
Incubus   Anna Molly   Jamie Thraves  
Diddy + Christina Aguilera   Tell me   Erik White  
the Junction   We come in components of four   Jeff Scheven  
the Hold Steady   Chips ahoy!   Moh Azima  
Clipse + Slim Thug   Wamp wamp (what it do)   R. Malcolm Jones  
Pitbull   Ay chico (lengua afuera)   Bernard Gourley  
Pussycat Dolls + Timbaland   Wait a minute   Marc Webb  
the Hours   Ali in the jungle   Tom Carty  
Jamie Kennedy & Stu Stone   Rollin' with Saget    
John Legend   Heaven   Hype Williams  
the Game   Let's ride   Little X  
Ying Yang Twins + Wyclef Jean   Dangerous   Melina  
Grafh   Myspace jumpoff    
Tall Hands   Three full Virginias   Nick & Ben  
Gnarls Barkley   Who cares?   Barney Clay  
Ima Robot   Lovers in captivity   Matt Amato  
Ellen Allien and Apparat   Way out   Marco Testoni  
Busy P   Chop Suey   Zacharing  
the Softlightes   Heart made of sound   Kris Moyes  
Tenacious D   Classico   John Kricfalusi  
the Sounds   Painted by numbers   Markus Johnson  
Yourcodenameis:milo   Wait a minute   Type2error  
HKICPA   Tute in da house   HKICPA  
the Happy Hollows   Vietnam   Rylan Strader  
Tangiers   A winter's war   Graydon Sheppard  
Young Love   Find a new way   Josh Mond  
Blood Red Shoes   You bring me down   Steve Glashier  
Miho Hatori   Barracuda   Masaru Ishiura  
the Servant   (I should be your) Girlfriend   Justin Eisner  
Qboy   Q.B.O.Y. (is just so fly)   Jarrah Gurrie & Nicolas Wagner  
Grace   Stand still   Ed Holdsworth  
Lily Allen   Littlest things   Nima Nourizadeh  
Priestess   Lay down   Wendy Morgan  
Marco Parente   Nieve ridens   Postodellefragole  
Prophet Omega   The ring thing   Sean Donnelly  
Broken Social Scene   Major label debut   Sarah Haywood  
Goose   British mode   Keith Schofield  
Tobiah   I love your music   E*Rock  
Moby + Debbie Harry   New York, New York   Evan Bernard  
Roger Joseph Manning, Jr.   Too late for us now   Public Access  
I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness   The owl   Emmanuel Ho  
Bobby Birdman   Steal yr face   Jona Bechtolt  
Danielson   Did I step on your trumpet?   J. Christiaan Palladino  
Rumble Strips   Oh! Creole   Harry Dwyer  
U2 & Green Day   The saints are coming   Chris Milk  
Subtle   The mercury craze   SSSR  
Faithless   Bombs   Howard Greenhalgh  
Madvillain   Monkey suite   Daniel Garcia  
Brad Paisley   She's everything    
Kenny Rogers   The last ten years    
Ty   Closer    
Jamiroquai   Runaway   Jay Kay & James Hackett  
Snow Patrol + Martha Wainwright   Set the fire to the third bar    
Masten Nabil   Hadnou fina    
Ol' Kainry & Kamnouze & Jango Jack   Dja foulie    
Kaddisfly   New moon over swift water    
Deathstars   Blitzkrieg    
K-Maro   Let's go   Karim Ouaret  
Filterfunk   S.O.S. (message in a bottle)    
Polar   Le brasier   Wilfrid Brimo  
Laure Milan   La meilleure   Nicolas Fogliarini  
Nelly Furtado   All good things    
Florent Pagny   Le mur    
Enhancer pres Dis l'Heure 2 hip-hop rock & Kool Shen   Hot   Morgan S. Dalibert  
Shitdisco   Reactor party    
Space Cowboy + Nadia Oh   My Egyptian lover   James Sutton  
Hundred Reasons   The chance    
Néry   Petites -M-    
the Pigeon Detectives   I found out    
To My Boy   The grid    
Leo Marais   Vaiho mai    
Agoria + Scalde   Baboul hair cutting   Nick Wood  
Gruff Rhys & Lisa Jën   Candylion    
Viking Moses!   Werewolves in the city    
Lemar   Someone should tell you    
R9 Ronaldo   Grâce à Dieu    
Didier Awadi   Zamouna    
Ba'ponga   Mon combat    
Jal Jak Emmanuel   Gua    
N'Goma   Muaye    
Faxo   Coupé décalé    
Douksaga   Ballon d'or    
Cold War Kids   We used to vacation    
Cyann & Ben   Words    
Charlélie Couture   Même à Spielberg   Gabriel Judet-Weinshel  
Pierre Lapointe   Deux par deux rassemblés   Louis-Philippe Eno  
Naast   Mauvais garçon    
Juliette & the Licks   Sticky honey   Alex Smith  
Los Sicarios + Pallacio & Sokól   Checkeando    
Two Gallants   The prodigal son    
Leslie pres Raï n' B Fever 2 + Amine   Sobri 2   Siraj Jhaveri  
Martin Jondo   Are you really waiting?    
Ziggi   Outta control    
the Black Keys   Your touch    
Orson   Already over   Justin Dickel  

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