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New releases for the week of July 31, 2006

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55 videos are currently listed as having been released during this week.

WEEK OF JULY 31, 2006 (55 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
Sanctus Real   I'm not alright   Scott Speer  
Dezil   Tu peux crier   Stéphane Reus  
Regina Spektor   On the radio   Associates in Science  
Talib Kweli   Listen!!!   Syndrome  
Taking Back Sunday   Twenty-twenty surgery   Jay Martin  
Shareefa   Need a boss   Melina  
Regina Spektor   Fidelity   Marc Webb  
Arctic Monkeys   Leave before the lights come on   John Hardwick  
Little Man Tate   House Party at Boothy's   Ben Rollason  
the Bang Bang   2-way Romeo    
Justin Timberlake + Timbaland   SexyBack   Michael Haussman  
Outkast   Idlewild blues   Paul Hunter  
Omarion   Entourage    
Daz Dillinger + Rick Ross   On some real shit    
OK Go   Here it goes again    
Hellogoodbye   Here in your arms    
Dierks Bentley   Every mile a memory    
Lindsey Haun   Broken    
Hot Chip   Colours   Nima Nourizadeh  
Hope of the States   Left    
113 + Reda Taliani   Partir loin    
Krys   Hey selecta   Olivier Ladal  
Corneille   Viens   Ivan Grbovic  
Chronik 2H   Trop de chose    
Tunng   Jenny again    
Thom Yorke   Harrowdown Hill   Chel White  
the Streets   Deluded in my mind   Alastair Siddons  
the Streets   Prangin' out    
Nubi   Marc le biz    
Chronik 2H & Jacky Brown   Le signal    
Mac Tyer aka Socrate   9.3. tu peux pas test   Chris Macari  
Sorel   Je veux du rêve    
Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.   The chronicles of a Bohemian teenager    
Lemar   It's not easy   Wayne Isham  
Keane   Crystal ball    
North Shore Pony Club   Computer games    
Sick of it All   Take the night off    
Shadows Fall   In effigy    
Second Smile   Astronauts   Ben Thornley  
Phoenix   Consolation prizes   Daniel Askill  
Jim Rama   Touloulou    
Sandra Nanor & Darius Denon   Mon ange    
Ali & Marisa   Lovely   Chris Macari  
Warren   A fleur de vous    
Laury & Metissa   Jou    
Teeyah   Mika    
Misty Jean   Paradis lanmou    
James Figurine   Apologies    
Adem   Launch yourself   Robert Chandler  
Jakobinarina   His lyrics are disasterous    
the Dears   Ticket to immortality   Maxime Giroux  
New Flesh   Wherever we go    
Strapping Young Lad   Wrong side   David Brodsky  
Marvin   Amour sans lois    
Maximillian Hecker   Silly Lily, funny bunny   Christopher Weser  

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