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New releases for the month of January 2005

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81 videos are currently listed as having been released during this month.

WEEK OF JANUARY 31, 2005 (15 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
Aslyn   Be the girl   Phil Harder  
Michaël Youn + Lord Kossity   Iznogoud   Karim Adda  
Emma Daumas   J'attends   Thierry Pouget  
Gage   Trop fresh   Jean-François Pilon  
Tiken Jah Fakoly   Tonton d'America   Eric Mulet  
K-Maro   Sous l'oeil de l'ange   Karim Ouaret  
L5   Déconnecter   Franck Voiturier  
LCD Soundsystem   Daft Punk is playing at my house   Chris Cairns  
the Mars Volta   The widow   Omar Rodriguez-Lopez & Artificial Army  
KEM   I can't stop loving you   S.A. Baron  
Fightstar   Palahnuik's laughter   Horsie in the Hedge Cinema  
Ryan DeSiato   Make believe   Raymond J. Schlogel  
It Dies Today   A threnody for modern romance   Darren Doane  
Keith Anderson   Pickin' wildflowers   Eric Welch  
Tracey James   Seemed like yesterday    
WEEK OF JANUARY 24, 2005 (23 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
RJD2   1976   leftchannel  
Death Cab for Cutie   Title and registration   Patrick Daughters  
Gratitude   Drive away   Nathan Cox  
Interpol   Evil   Charlie White  
Relax   Mr. Sleeves   Jelle Posthuma  
Hélène Ségara   Ailleurs comme ici   Franck Voiturier  
Mathieu Mendes   J'en sais rien   Arnaud & Caleb  
P!nk + Redman   Get this party started (remix)    
Blue   A chi mi dice    
Willy Denzey   Et si tu n'existais pas   Karim Ouaret  
A.S.I.E. + Anggun & Jean-Louis Aubert, etc.   Et puis la Terre...   Julien Bloch & Yannick Saillet  
Britney Spears   Do somethin'   Bille Woodruff & Mona Lisa  
... And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead   All St. Day   Chris Farrington  
Engine Down   Cover   Bradley Scott  
Octobre Rouge   Nuits blanches   Alexandre Wise  
Seemless   Lay my burden down   Dale Resteghini  
100 Demons   Repeat process   Dale Resteghini  
Misery Signals   The year summer ended in June   Dale Resteghini  
Pinar Aylin   Sebeni Sorma   Aziz Dogdu Turuskan  
Carolyn Dawn Johnson   Dress rehearsal   Margaret Malandruccolo  
George Canyon   My name   Shaun Silva  
Trace Adkins   Songs about me   Michael Salomon  
Blaine Larsen   How do you get that lonely?    
WEEK OF JANUARY 17, 2005 (15 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
Chimène Badi   Je viens du sud   François Desagnat  
Stereo Blackstarr & Julian Cely   Cargo de nuit   Jean-Baptiste Erreca  
Amel Bent   Ma philosophie   Jean Sacuto  
Daniel Powter   Bad day   Marc Webb  
Miri Ben-Ari + Scarface & Anthony Hamilton   Sunshine to the rain   Erik White  
Devendra Banhart   A ribbon   Lauri Faggioni & Michel Gondry  
Jean-Louis Murat   Mashpotetisé   Sophie Legendre  
Jeans Team   Oh Bauer   Tom Henze  
Dis*ka   Sneakers make me depressive   Tobias Yves Zintel & Matthias Görig  
Apartment   Everyone says I'm paranoid    
the Immediate   Never seen    
Doc Walker   Forgive me (for giving a damn)    
Aaron Lines   Waitin' on the wonderful   Kristin Barlowe  
Sheryl Crow   No depression in Heaven   Michael Merriman  
Rebecca Lynn Howard   That's why I hate Pontiacs    
WEEK OF JANUARY 10, 2005 (15 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
Eightball & MJG   Forever   R. Malcolm Jones  
Jennifer Lopez   Get right   Francis Lawrence [uncredited] & Diane Martel [uncredited]  
Destiny's Child   Soldier   Ray Kay  
Eric Prydz   Call on me   Huse Monfaradi  
B5   All I do   Bille Woodruff  
the Used   All that I've got   Marc Webb  
the Jay Murphy Band   Hit bottom   Chris Halmo  
Little Barrie   Free salute    
Ben Lee   Gamble everything for love   Nash Edgerton  
Whimsical   Superstar   Marius Haugan  
Orange Club   We could be friends    
Johnny Reid   Sixty to zero    
Ray Herndon   My dog thinks I'm Elvis    
Joe Nichols   What's a guy gotta do?   Peter Zavadil  
Amy Dalley   I would cry   Michael Salomon  
WEEK OF JANUARY 3, 2005 (13 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
Julie Roberts   Wake up older   Steven Goldmann  
Lynnsha + D.Dy   Hommes... femmes   Karim Ouaret  
Snake Eyes   The wizard's curse   Stephen James Bland  
Tragédie + Calvin Scott   Bye bye   Karim Ouaret  
K-Maro   Qu'est-ce que ça te fout...   Karim Ouaret  
Catherine Lara   Tous les secrets du monde   Bernard Schmitt  
Sawyer Brown + Robert Randolph   Mission temple fireworks stand   Shaun Silva  
Fabolous + Mike Storey   Baby   Erik White  
Trick Daddy + Lil' Kim & Cee-Lo   Sugar (gimme some)   Ray Kay  
Joss Stone   Right to be wrong   Liz Friedlander  
Safari on Pluto   You're not alone   Allan Gustafsson  
Shogun   Solo esperar   Piero Medone  
Casino   En tus manos   Eduardo Bertran  

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