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New releases for the month of January 2004

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48 videos are currently listed as having been released during this month.

WEEK OF JANUARY 26, 2004 (15 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
Demon + Awa   In the park   J.G. Biggs  
Thierry Cham   Dernière chance   Igreco  
Bernard Frédéric   Alexandrie, Alexandra   Thierry Vergnes  
Raul Paz   Mua mua mua    
Sébastien Martel   Dumb   Thomas Gizolme  
les Filles   Comme d'habitude   Nicolas Fogliarini  
Tanger   Attendre   Olivier Babinet  
Kevin Lyttle   Turn me on   Calabazitaz  
Martin Solveig   Rocking music   Arno Bani  
Madonna   Love profusion   Luc Besson  
Muse   Hysteria   Howard Greenhalgh  
Benassi Bros. + Sandy   Illusion    
Ill Nino   This time's for real   Zach Merck  
Keith Urban   You'll think of me   Sam Erickson  
Kellie Coffey   Texas plates    
WEEK OF JANUARY 19, 2004 (10 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
Eddy Mitchell   Le monde est trop petit   Jérôme Cornuau  
Kool Shen   Qui suis-je ?   J.G. Biggs  
Antilop SA   L'encre en guise de larmes   Karim Ouaret  
Eagle-Eye Cherry   Don't give up   Yael Staav  
Everton   Aucune trace   Vincent Egret  
Thunderstone   Until we touch the burning sun    
the Sleepy Jackson   Come to this    
Tracey James   One Mississippi    
Emerson Drive   Last one standing    
Clay Walker   I can't sleep   Trey Fanjoy  
WEEK OF JANUARY 12, 2004 (16 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
Caméra Café   Ca va déch'    
Jamelia   Superstar   Dominic Leung  
Diam's   Incassables   Raphaël IV  
Serge Lama & Dalida   Je suis malade    
Star Academy 3   La bamba    
Ghetto Diplomats + Metek   Ghett Diip 75    
Era   Don't go away    
Indochine   Electrastar [live]   Peggy M & Nicola Sirkis  
Avant   Don't take your love away   Bryan Barber  
Ruben Studdard   Sorry 2004   Bryan Barber  
Billy Currington   I got a feelin'   Philip Andelman  
Jaga Jazzist   Day   AKFF!  
Sonic Animation   Get up   Morgan Evans  
Rigmor   Triste    
Flogging Molly   Drunken lullabies   Whitey McConnaughy  
Natalie MacMaster   Appropriate dipstick    
WEEK OF JANUARY 5, 2004 (7 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
the Servant   Orchestra   Tim Bird  
Dr. Kucho + Jodie   Bel Mondo rulez 2.0    
Kareen Antonn & Bonnie Tyler   Si demain (Turn around)   Vincent Egret  
Five For Fighting   100 years   Trey Fanjoy  
J.R. Vautour   Kiss me goodbye    
Renaud   Germaine   Richard Valverde  
les Filles   J'attendrais   Christelle Aulnat  

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