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New releases for the month of August 2003

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25 videos are currently listed as having been released during this month.

WEEK OF AUGUST 25, 2003 (7 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
the Neptunes   Sympathy for the Devil   Alex DeRakoff  
Deep Forest   Malo Korrigan    
From Autumn to Ashes   Milligram smile   Paul Brown  
Delta Goodrem   Not me, not I   Michael Spiccia  
Terri Clark   I wanna do it all    
Sara Evans   Perfect   Bobby G  
Chris Cagle   Chicks dig it    
WEEK OF AUGUST 18, 2003 (6 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
Melissa Mars   Et alors ?   Didier Borgel  
Thierry Amiel   Les mots bleus   Thierry Vergnes  
Thalia   Baby, I'm in love   Antti Jokinen  
Jean-Louis Murat   Le cri du papillon   Edouard Deluc  
Toby Keith   I love this bar   Michael Salomon  
Chris LeDoux   Horsepower    
WEEK OF AUGUST 11, 2003 (6 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
Ben Lee   Chills   Nash Edgerton  
the Sleepy Jackson   Good dancers   Nash Edgerton  
the Datsuns   MF from Hell   Tomorrow's Brightest Minds  
Client   Rock & roll machine   Toma & Luc  
Kathleen Edwards   One more song the radio won't like    
Martina McBride   This one's for the girls   Robert Deaton & George J. Flanigen IV  
WEEK OF AUGUST 4, 2003 (6 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
T.I.   Be easy   Nick Quested  
Kelly Clarkson   Low   Antti Jokinen  
Murphy Lee + Jermaine Dupri   What da hook gon' be?   Benny Boom  
Elektrofant   Flipstick    
Darryl Worley   Tennessee river run   Shaun Silva  
Jann Arden   Love is the only soldier   Andrew MacNaughtan  

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