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New releases for the week of September 16, 2002

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40 videos are currently listed as having been released during this week.

WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 16, 2002 (40 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
504 Boyz   Tight whips   Master P & Bernard Gourley  
Add N to (X)   Take me to your leader   Add N to (X)  
Erykah Badu + Common   Love of my life   Chris Robinson & Erykah Badu  
Lara Fabian & Maurane   Tu es mon autre   Jérôme Cornuau  
the Black Crowes   Miracle to me   Darren Ankenman  
Feeder   Come back around   David Mould  
Ben Folds   Still fighting it   Frally Hynes  
Frédéric Galliano and the African Divas   Alla Cassi Magni   Frédéric Galliano  
IMX   Beautiful   Chris Stokes  
JJ72   Formulae   Adam Berg  
Jurassic 5   What's golden?   Logan  
Knoc Turn 'Al   Muzik   Louis Leterrier  
Talib Kweli + Bilal   Waiting for the DJ   Jeremy Rall  
Lifehouse   Spin   Dave Meyers  
Llorca + Nicole Graham   Indigo blues   Olivier Abbou & Bruno Merle  
Phantom Planet   Lonely day   Roman Coppola & A/V Club  
Queens of the Stone Age   No one knows   Dean Karr  
SchneiderTM   Frogtoise   Katsuki Tanaka  
Sugarcult   Pretty girl   Steven Oritt  
U2   Electrical storm   Anton Corbijn  
Ying Yang Twins + Big Gipp   By myself   Martin Linss  
Benzino + Mario Winans   Rock the party   Little X  
Boxcar Racer   There is   Alexander Kosta  
the Vines   Outtathaway   Alastair McKevitt  
the Vines   Outtathaway   David LaChapelle  
the Used   The taste of ink   the Malloys  
Doing Time   I was a ye ye girl   Luca Merli  
Beatsteaks   Let me in   Bas Vink  
Dismemberment Plan   Time bomb   Ruben Fleischer  
Liars   Mister you're on fire Mr. [live]   Nigel Karikari  
Lil' Flip   This is the way we ball   Fat Cats  
NAAM Brigade + Freeway   Early in the game   J. Jesses Smith  
Nick Carter   Help me   Chris Applebaum  
Reindeer Section   You are my joy   Stuart Hilton & Anthony Burrill  
the Velvet Teen   Radiapathy   Mike Sloat  
Terri Clark   I just wanna be mad   Robert Deaton & George Flanigen IV  
the D4   Exit to the city   Greg Page  
Jennifer Hanson   Beautiful goodbye    
SHeDAISY   Mine all mine    
Holly Lamar   These are the days    

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