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New releases for the week of April 29, 2002

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15 videos are currently listed as having been released during this week.

WEEK OF APRIL 29, 2002 (15 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
Anastacia   Boom   Marcos Siega  
Clinic   Come into our room   Scott Lyon  
Creed   One last breath   Dave Meyers  
Eminem   Without me   Joseph Kahn  
Godsmack   I stand alone   the Brothers Strause  
Gomez   Sound of sounds   Jamie Thraves  
Jimmy Eat World   Sweetness   Tim Hope  
Chad Kroeger + Josey Scott   Hero   Nigel Dick  
Tiga & Zyntherius   Sunglasses at night   Daniel Klenke  
Tom Waits   God's away on business   Jesse Dylan  
Rebecca Lynn Howard   Forgive   Morgan Lawley  
Terry Kelly   The power of the dream   Warren Sonoda  
Rick Tippe   Singin' a different tune   Stephano Barberis  
Amélie Saimpont & Jérôme Collet pres Emilie Jolie   Chanson d'Emilie Jolie et du grand oiseau   Thierry Vergnes  
Chris Knight   Oil patch town    

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