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New releases for the week of July 23, 2001

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35 videos are currently listed as having been released during this week.

WEEK OF JULY 23, 2001 (35 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
3 Doors Down   Be like that   Nigel Dick  
Bent   Always   Andy Hutch  
the Beta Band   Squares   James & Alex  
Foxy Brown   Oh yeah   Little X  
Destiny's Child + Missy Elliott   Bootylicious   Little X  
Dido   Hunter   Matthew Rolston  
Jeffrey Gaines   In your eyes   Alan Smithee  
Groove Armada   Superstylin'   Rob Leggatt & Leigh Marling  
Isley Brothers + Mr. Biggs   Contagious   R. Kelly & Bille Woodruff  
Jadakiss   Knock yourself out   Little X  
Jamiroquai   Little L   Stéphane Sednaoui  
Kurupt + Natina Reed   It's over   Charles Infante  
Left Eye   The block party   Hype Williams  
LFO   Every other time   Marcus Raboy  
Lil' O   Back back   Jeremy Rall  
Lil' Romeo   The girlies   Nick Quested & Master P  
Lil Wayne + Baby & Mack 10   Shine   Bille Woodruff  
Llorca + Lady Bird   Precious thing   Vincent Jérôme  
Jennifer Lopez + Ja Rule   I'm real   David Meyers  
Muse   Bliss   David Slade  
Nash   Just a little sign   Jason Glenister  
Nelly + St. Lunatics   Batter up   Marc Klasfeld  
New Order   Crystal   Johan Renck  
Nerina Pallot   Patience   Emma Hvengaard  
Pure Orchestra   U & I   Laurent Seroussi  
Radiohead   I might be wrong   Chris Bran  
Busta Rhymes + Kelis   What it is   Hype Williams  
Jill Scott   The way   Earle Sebastian  
St. Germain   So flute   Yann Orhan & François Supiot  
Stereo MC's   We belong in this world together   Run Wrake  
Sunshine Anderson   Lunch or dinner   Paul Hunter  
Tank   Slowly   Jomo Hankerson & Chris Robinson  
Timbaland & Magoo + Fat Man Scoop   Drop   Chris Robinson  
Weezer   Island in the Sun   Marcos Siega  
Zero 7 + Sia & Sophie Barker   Destiny   Howard Greenhalgh  

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