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New releases for the month of June 2000

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99 videos are currently listed as having been released during this month.

WEEK OF JUNE 26, 2000 (4 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
Calexico   Ballad of Cable Hogue   John Pirozzi  
DMX + Sisqo   What you want   Hype Williams  
Janet Jackson   Doesn't really matter   Joseph Kahn  
Primus   Lacquer head   Les Claypool  
WEEK OF JUNE 19, 2000 (20 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
AC/DC   Satellite blues   Andy Morahan  
Arielle   Si mince   Gaspar Noé  
Bloodhound Gang   Mope   Cousin Mike  
Boons   The score   David Blin  
Toni Braxton + Dr. Dre   Just be a man about it   Bille Woodruff  
Chicane   No ordinary morning   John Hillcoat  
Etienne de Crécy   Les misérables   Geoffroy de Crécy  
Deadlights   Sweet oblivion   Cousin Mike  
Deftones   Change (in the house of flies)   Liz Friedlander  
Destiny's Child   Jumpin', jumpin'   Joseph Kahn  
DJ Qbert   Innerspace dental commander   Eric Henry & Syd Garon  
Idlewild   These wooden ideas   James & Alex  
Incubus   Stellar   Phil Harder  
Lil' Kim   No matter what they say   Marcus Raboy  
George Michael   Roxanne   Joanna Bailey  
Sash!   Adelante   Antti Jokinen  
Stephen Simmonds   I can't do that   Guy Guillet  
Travis   Coming around   Ringan Ledwidge  
Westlife   Swear it again   Nigel Dick  
Louise Attaque   Pour un oui, pour un non   Christophe Miossec & Richard Dumas  
WEEK OF JUNE 12, 2000 (21 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
Yolanda Adams   Open my heart   Sanaa Hamri  
Common + Erykah Badu   The light   Nzingha Stewart  
Creed   With arms wide open   David Meyers  
Crooked Fingers   New drink for the old drunk   Adam Little  
Dalvin DeGrate   Why can't we? (600 mix)   Cassandra Mills & Dalvin DeGrate  
Isaac Hayes   Theme from Shaft   Nzingha Stewart  
the Infesticons   Hero theme   Jenny Bowers  
Iron Maiden   The wicker man   Dean Karr  
Juvenile   I got that fire   Nick Quested  
KoRn   Somebody someone   Martin Weisz  
Gerald Levert   Baby U are   Malik Sayeed  
Lil' Bow Wow   Bounce with me   David Meyers  
Lil' Zane   Callin' me   Marcus Raboy  
Lit   Over my head   Mark Gerard  
Brian McKnight   6, 8, 12   Christopher Erskin  
Next   Wifey   Jeff Richter  
Solex   Athens, OH   Gina Birch  
Three 6 Mafia + UGK   Sippin' on some syrup   Jeff Byrd  
Timbaland & Magoo + Aaliyah & Missy Elliott   We at it again   Chris Robinson  
Matmatah   Lambe an dro   Philippe Briday  
Matmatah   Emma   Philippe Briday  
WEEK OF JUNE 5, 2000 (54 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
a-ha   Summer moved on   Adam Berg  
Aqua   Around the world   Ronnie West  
Atari Teenage Riot   Too dead for me   John Hillcoat  
B.C. + Doughty   Never gonna come back down   Clark Eddy  
Richard Blackwood   Mama, who da man?   Marlene Rhein  
Buffalo G   Really saying something   Alex Hemming  
Coldplay   Yellow   James & Alex  
M.J. Cole + Elizabeth Troy   Crazy love   Karen Lamond  
Da Slammin Phrogz   There's something about the music   Jo Tanner  
D'Angelo   Send it on   Diane Martel  
Craig David   7 days   Max & Dania  
Day One   Waiting for a break   Andy Hutch  
Deadly Venom   Don't give up   Scientific  
Delirious?   It's OK   Andy Hutch  
Doves   Catch the Sun   Sophie Muller  
Einstürzende Neubauten   Sabrina   John Hillcoat  
Hanin Elias   In flames   Mediakill  
Everclear   Wonderful   Art Alexakis  
Mylène Farmer   Optimistique moi   Michael Haussman  
Lenny Fontana & DJ Shorty   Chocolate sensation   Mathilde Jouannet  
Stephen Gately   A new beginning   Simon Hilton  
Geneva   If you have to go   John Hillcoat  
Macy Gray   Why didn't you call me?   Hype Williams  
Grooverider vs Cypress Hill   On the double   Shynola  
Hill Street Soul   For your love   Simon Baker  
R. Kelly   Bad man   Hype Williams  
Kick Angel   The misunderstood   David Mould  
Kick Angel   I don't care   Alex Hemming  
Kittie   Charlotte   Lisa Rubisch  
Sander Kleinenberg   My lexicon   Richard Fenwick  
Lights   The sky is falling   Richard Fenwick  
Lit   You make me   Evan Bernard  
M.I.L.   Dirty water   James Brown  
Morgan   Flying high   Shynola  
Muse   Unintended   Howard Greenhalgh  
Northern Line   All around the world   Sven Harding  
N-Trance   Shake ya body   Nigel Simpkiss  
Oasis   Sunday morning call   Nick Egan  
Ocean Colour Scene   July   Lawrence Watson  
Oxide   Casualty   Ben Dempsey & Joe Dempsey  
Chi Chi Peralta   Amor narcotico   J.C. Barros  
Precious   It's gonna be my way   Alex Hemming  
Fiona Prince   High on you again   Sven Harding  
Red Hot Chili Peppers   Californication   Jonathan Dayton & Valerie Faris  
Scanty Sandwich   Day & night   Local  
Secret Weapon   8 sharp   Christopher Erskin  
Shopgirl   Exotic pictures   John Hollingsworth  
Heather Small   Proud   Zadoc Nava  
Splender   I think God can explain   Chris Applebaum  
Sting   After the rain has fallen   Kevin Godley  
Toploader   Dancing in the moonlight   Mike Geoghegan  
Utah Saints   Funky music (sho nuff turns me on)   Stuart Gosling  
Wamdue Project   You're the reason   Martin Root  
the Sleepy Jackson   Glasshouses   Andrew Milner  

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