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New releases for the month of April 2000

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84 videos are currently listed as having been released during this month.

WEEK OF APRIL 24, 2000 (26 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
3 Doors Down   Kryptonite   Dean Karr  
Aaliyah + DMX   Back in one piece   Little X  
Asian Dub Foundation   New way, new life   Babak  
Bentley Rhythm Ace   Theme from Gutbuster   Garth Jennings  
Broadcast   Papercuts   Babak & Broadcast  
Bush   Warm machine   Russell Thomas & Steve Jones  
Mariah Carey + Snoop Dogg   Crybaby   Sanaa Hamri  
Coldplay   Shiver   Grant Gee  
Cuban Link   Flowers for the dead   Chris Robinson  
Death in Vegas   Dirge   Richard Fearless & Richard Fenwick  
the Eastsidaz pres Snoop Dogg   Got beef   Chris Robinson  
Eminem   The real Slim Shady   Dr. Dre & Phillip Atwell  
H2SO4   Imitation leather jacket   Zoe Rappard & Kevin Watts  
Hefner   Christian girls   James Griffiths  
Don Henley   Taking you home   Tom Krueger & Mary Kay Place  
J-Shin   Treat U better   Nick Quested  
Kid Rock   American bad ass   David Meyers  
the Mighty Mighty Bosstones   So sad to say   Marcus Nispel  
Nelly   Country grammar   Marc Klasfeld  
No Doubt   Bathwater   Joe DeMaio  
Old 97's   Jagged   D.W. Harper  
Ruff Endz   No more   Bille Woodruff  
Saint Etienne   The way we used to live   Mikey Tomkins  
Vitamin C   Graduation (friends forever)   Gregory Dark  
Wyclef Jean   Thug angel   Guy Guillet  
Calogéro   De cendres et de terres   Philippe Gautier  
WEEK OF APRIL 17, 2000 (17 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
AC/DC   Stiff upper lip   Andy Morahan  
Mary J. Blige   Give me you   Steve Willis  
Hélène Ségara   Elle, tu l'aimes   Didier LePêcheur  
Cap One + Nokio   They luv dat   Terry Heller  
Mariah Carey   Can't take that away   Sanaa Hamri  
Deadlights   Amplifier   Cousin Mike  
Jagged Edge   Let's get married   Tim Story  
Supa Human Klik pres Jeru the Damaja + Miz Marvel   99.9%   Beenie Nichols & S.A. Baron  
Kurupt + Daz   Who ride wit us?   G. Thomas Ferguson  
Leona Naess   Charm attack   Erick Ifergan  
No Doubt   Simple kind of life   Sophie Muller  
the Nobodies   It's hip-hop   Cliff Bell  
the Notorious B.I.G. + Junior M.A.F.I.A.   Biggie   Marcus Raboy  
Erick Onasis + Slick Rick   Why not?   Diane Martel & Erick Sermon  
Brooke Russell + Mr. Gentleman   So sweet   Stefan Browatzki  
the Temptations   I'm here   Rubin Whitmore II  
Third Eye Blind   Ten days later   Francis Lawrence  
WEEK OF APRIL 10, 2000 (18 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
504 Boyz   Wobble Wobble   Michael B & Mikael Q  
Avant   Separated   J. Jesses Smith  
Big Tymers   Get your roll on   Nick Quested  
Blackalicious   Deception   Todd Cole  
Dilated Peoples   The platform   Sanji  
Dixie Chicks   Goodbye Earl   Evan Bernard  
Ghostface Killah + U-God   Cherchez la ghost   Little X  
Tracy Chapman   Telling stories   Herb Ritts  
Donell Jones   Where I wanna be   Little X  
LFO   I don't want to kiss you goodnight   Gregory Dark  
Mandy Moore   I wanna be with you   Nigel Dick  
N-Toon   Ready   K.C. Amos  
Sam Salter   Once my sh... (always my sh...)   Tim Story  
Seven   Bite   Leon Mathisen & C.C. Hustad  
Britney Spears   Oops... I did it again   Nigel Dick  
Spragga Benz   Weh ya say star   Zodiac Fishgrease & the Lazarus Brothers  
Xzibit   Y2K   Philip G. Atwell & Xzibit  
Aston Villa   L'âge d'or   Juan Solanas  
WEEK OF APRIL 3, 2000 (23 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
Christina Aguilera   I turn to you   Rupert C. Almont or Richard C. Allen  
Beanie Sigel   The truth   David Meyers  
Eric Benet + Roy Ayers   When you think of me   Prentice Sinclair Smith  
Da Brat + Tyrese   Wha'chu like?   David Meyers  
DMX   Party up   David Meyers  
Goodie Mob + TLC   What it ain't   David Meyers  
Kelis   Get along with you   Paul Hunter  
Kreidler   Reflections   Michael Laakman  
Mista Lowdon   Bounce it   Cathy Irby Durant  
Nine Days   Absolutely (story of a girl)   Liz Friedlander  
Oasis   Who feels love?   Nick Egan  
Oasis   Where did it all go wrong?   Nick Egan  
Papa Roach   Last resort   Marcos Siega  
Lucy Pearl + Dawn Robinson & Raphael Saadiq   Dance tonight   Darren Grant  
Powerman 5000   Supernova goes pop   Spider One  
Q-Tip   Let's ride   Stéphane Sednaoui  
Rasheedah + Pastor Troy & Re Re   Do it   Fat Cats  
Savage Garden   Crash and burn   Yariv Gaber  
Elliot Smith   Son of Sam   Autumn DeWilde  
the Spooks   Things I've seen   Brian Beletic  
Steely Dan   Cousin Dupree   Earle Sebastian  
Stone Temple Pilots   Sour girl   David Slade  
Trick Daddy + Deuce Poppito & Trina   Shut up   Zodiac Fishgrease  

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