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New releases for the week of November 29, 1999

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32 videos are currently listed as having been released during this week.

WEEK OF NOVEMBER 29, 1999 (32 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
2   Your letter    
98 Degrees   This gift   Milton Lage  
Lou Bega   Tricky, tricky   Anthony Montana  
Cassius   La mouche   Roman Coppola  
the Charlatans   My beautiful friend   Miguel Sapochnik  
Cheap Trick   That 70's song   Jim Yukich  
Sheryl Crow & Friends   There goes the neighborhood   Bruce Gowers  
D.E.X.   Paper chasin   Paul Hunter  
Ginuwine + RL & Tyrese   The best man I can be   Tim Story  
Goodie Mob + Big Boi & Backbone   Get rich to this   Marcus Raboy  
Guy   Dancin'   Marcus Nispel  
Hot Ones + Cam'ron   Make it hot   Zodiac Fishgrease  
Ice Cube + Mack 10 & Miss Toi   U can do it   Little X & Cameron Casey  
Jay-Z + Beanie Sigel & Amil   Do it again / Put ya hands up!   Dave Meyers  
Kid Rock   Only God knows why   Clark Eddy & Jamie Stafford  
Leftfield   Dusted   Wiz  
Lil' Zane   Money stretch   Steve Carr  
Lost Boyz   Plug me in   Zodiac Fishgrease  
M2M   Don't say you love me   Nigel Dick  
Memphis Bleek + Beanie Sigel   My hood to your hood   Michael Martin  
Mr. Oizo   Analog worms attack   Quentin Dupieux  
Naughty by Nature + Phiness   Holiday   Jeff Byrd  
PSD   What it is   Bernard Gourley  
Public Enemy   Do you wanna go our way?   Chris Adams & Jonathan Woods  
Raekwon   Live from New York   Darren Grant  
Rell + Amil   When will U see?   Chris Robinson  
Reveille   Permanent (take a look around)   Mike Alperowitz  
Suede   Can't get enough   John Hillcoat  
Thor-El   Patiently    
Tom Waits   What's he building?   Johan Kramer & Lex Brand  
Youngbloodz + Big Boi   85   David Nelson  
Lm   Les enfants de l'an 2000   Thierry Vergnes  

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