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In its 20 years of existence, mvdbase has grown and evolved. Today (March 6, 2018), it enters a new phase in its history by opening up user accounts.

Why this move, you ask? Read the explanation below for the full story.

The quick version is: mvdbase needs your support to remain a useful and up-to-date resource. And in exchange for that support, we offer you tons of new, exclusive features. Plus, it seemed like a logical step forward... and the right time to take it!

So here is a list of the many features which are now available to anyone who signs up for a user account. If you wish to join, please go to our Patreon page for details

If you want to see what some of these features look like when connected, and how they work, watch the video on the right that showcases a few.

Features marked with *** were designed specifically for industry professionals and require setting yourself up with a free pro account to access them.

All rates are per month.

Exclusive features Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Your own Profile page x x x x x
Save your settings x x x x x
View counter on every data page x x x x x
Grade videos x x x x x
Link credit pages to your account *** x x x x x
Page manager - limited control ***
(edit infobox data)
x x x x x
View your own stats x x x x
Add tags to videos x x x x
Mark favorite videos x x x x
Mark videos you've seen x x x x
Mark videos you own x x x x
Page manager - extended control ***
(bio/history box)
x x x x
Add *private* tags to videos x x x
Preview upcoming features and comment on them x x x
Expanded site stats (most viewed pages) x x x
Create custom playlists x x x
Page manager - overall control ***
(company rosters)
x x x
View detailed YouTube stats x x
Add private comments to videos x x
Send private messages to other users x x
Add users to your contact list x x
Upload your resume to your profile page *** x x
Instantly update trivia information x
Add/update your credits instantly *** x

*** You'll need to set your account as a pro account to unlock these features. It's free, though it does require verification.

There is also a sponsorship/$50 level available on Patreon which is essentially a level 5 but with your banner being displayed throughout the entire site for as long as you maintain that level. At the time of this writing, that means targeted exposure on well over 140 000 pages.

Note that there are a few other features that are available to ALL members but were not listed above as they seemed like the kind of things any membership-type system would have. A few examples: no more ad banners or no longer having to ID yourself when submitting data through the submission forms (it'll automatically be linked to your account). All patrons will also be publically thanked for their support on the credits page (though you can change your privacy settings for this if you so wish) and industry professionals can request a pro account regardless of their level of support.

Also of note, mvdbase uses a system of stacked menus that can make them easily accessible from any page within the site.


I've always resisted the idea of charging users for anything. Still, I have to admit that with its growth, the site has eaten up more and more of my time and there came a point when I could no longer afford to spend so much time on it. Which lead to extended periods during which the site would no longer be updated.

I still love working on mvdbase, mind you, and have tons of great ideas for the future, but I do have to pay my bills and the site wasn't helping with that.

Then Patreon came along.

So today, thanks to crowdfunding, it may become possible for me to turn this passion into a full time job. Which would drastically change, well, everything. I'd be able to focus more fully on the site and thus maintain regular and constant updates. And hey, who knows, if enough money comes in I might even be able to hire a person or two... which I could totally use, considering the amount of work involved.

But anyway. For now, let's try to reach that first goal of turning this into a full time job.

To reach this goal, I'll need YOUR help.

If I've never liked the idea of charging people for content, I'm even less a fan of having people just throw cash at me for no reason (like that's gonna happen anyway, right?). So, in exchange for your generosity, you would be gaining access to some exclusive features I've designed just for patrons.

See above for a full list of the features I've set up so far (there are more in the works) and how they spread out across the different levels available.

I tried to make the rates as affordable as possible, so hopefully you'll find this fair and enough people will sign up to make this work.

If you don't want to sign up, that's fine too. You can still use the site the same way you always did... you'll just miss out on all of these cool new features ;-)

Thank you for reading this and, for those of you who decide to sign up, thank you so much for your support!

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