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How you can help...

First, a few rhetorical questions:

  • Do you want to promote your company -- or yourself, as a music video professional?
  • Do you want to do this for free?
The best way to do this is by submitting any information you can about the music videos you (or your company) have worked on. The more you send, the more your name (and/or your company's) will appear on and the more publicity you'll get. It's that simple.

Also, the more information you send, the more complete, accurate and reliable the DataBase will become. This, of course, will benefit everyone.

To contribute, you can send the information by e-mail or use one of our online forms:

  • Form #1 allows to type in data for up to 15 videos simultaneously. It is limited to 4 fields per video : artist name, song title, first airdate and video director. Practical when you're in a hurry.

  • Form #2 lets you type in a lot more information on any given video (e.g. production company, cinematographers, editors, trivia notes, etc...) Because of the numerous fields in this form, you can only submit one music video at a time. To enter information for another video, you will have to return to the form after each submission.

    Another way you can contribute, if you publish a newsletter or bulletin containing information which could be useful to this site, is by providing a copy. A snail mail address is also available upon request for any hard copy material.

    And remember: sending information to is just another way of promoting yourself.

    Thank you in advance for your help, support and understanding.

    Alex S. Garcia.

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