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Best videos of the week: August 20, 2018

by Alex S. Garcia
August 27, 2018

Our selection of the best music videos released in the previous week.

Published every Monday.

David Guetta "Don't leave me alone"
Directed by Hannah Lux Davis

A lonely woman uses virtual reality to live out her fantasies. She falls in love and goes with her man on an extraordinary adventure.

Brothers Osborne "Shoot me straight"
Directed by Wes Edwards & Ryan Silver

What do you do when you have an idea for the greatest music video concept ever... but that the band declines it? Kidnapping them might be one solution, though that may well lead to some unexpected turn of events...

Example "Sit down Gary"
Directed by Risky Roadz

You are cordially invited to join an Indian sect. It will cost you, for sure, but it will teach you to expand your mind beyond the physics and your brain will know no limits.

That said, the guru does serve hallucinogenic drinks and may well not be a real Indian. Still, you'll at least have a good time while you're there...

Imagine Dragons "Natural"
Directed by Derek Hough

An isolated house, strange characters and rotting food make a twisted recipe for an eerie party where the singer seems intent on digging up the corpse of his living dead wife!

Clutch "In walks Barbarella"
(director unknown)

The singer talks to his son through a TV set, with the action sequences set in comic book frames.

Though the song's title might make you expect a plot similar to the cult classic film Barbarella, the video spins a different tale... one of alien invasion, astral planes, space trucking and heartbreak.

Bring me the Horizon "Mantra"
(director unknown)

In an age where television reigns supreme (though perhaps less so now than in previous decades), the British rockers return with a video that feels at times like an infomercial and at others like a harsh denunciation of the evils of the small screen.

It also addresses themes such as religion, cult followings, suicide and, in a more general sense, the dangers of blind obedience.

BTS "Idol"
Directed by Yong-Seok Choi

The highly popular South Korean boyband have released a new video that mixes a modern sound with computer graphic visuals that hark back to the 80's.

The result is a colorful effects-laden extravaganza that will have you on your feet and dancing in no time.

Here are some more interesting videos that were released last week and that you may also want to check out.

  • Cardi B "Ring"
  • Nina Nesbitt "Loyal to me"
  • Gianluca Vacchi "Sigamos bailando"
  • iLL BLU "Chop my money"
  • Disiz la Peste "Hiroshima"
  • Atreyu "In our wake"

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