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Best videos of the week: August 6, 2018

by Alex S. Garcia
August 13, 2018

Our selection of the best music videos released in the previous week.

Published every Monday.

Travi$ Scott "Stop trying to be God"
Directed by Dave Meyers

After shooting Ariana's "God is a woman", Meyers sticks with the divine in this video filled with fire and fury... Heck, there's even a dragon!

Otep "Shelter in place"
Directed by Otep Shamaya

Otep takes a strong stance for gun control and calls the NRA a terrorist organization, blaming them for the mass shootings and the deaths of so many children.

The video is chilling in its depiction of a never-ending cycle that would only be perpetuated by the "arm the good guys" approach.

Bas "Boca Raton"
Directed by Scott Lazer

Summer is almost over, but if you still have some vacation time left and wonder where you could spend it, you might want to consider Boca Raton.

Structured like a live-action comic strip, the video shows the two artists having fun in this city of Southern Florida.

Kiesza "Phantom of the dance floor"
Directed by Kiesza & Ljuba Castot

The myth of Prometheus lives on in this nonsensical video where a woman -- much like the infamous Dr. Frankenstein -- tries to manufacture a man... Though in her case, the motive is quite different, as she's doing it all for love.

But there is a method to her madness, as she puts all the pieces together, assisted by an assortment of man-sized body parts.

Nothgard "Malady X"
(director unknown)

In this black and white video, all shot in a single take, the band addresses some of the most blatant hypocrisies of modern society.

It's irreverent and violent, yet at the same time powerful and compelling.

Well worth watching... if you can stomach death metal.

Black Honey "Midnight"
Directed by Shaun James Grant

This one takes us back to the 70s.

As the band performs at a disco, a male dancer is stabbed to death in the restrooms.

It's all part of a conspiracy, though, as men keep watch while the murder occurs and a woman later steps in to leave a bloody message on the mirror.

Simi "I dun care"
Directed by Clarence Peters

A beautifully shot video from Nigeria, by one of that country's leading music video directors.

Some of the cinematography and grading here is quite stunning.

Here are some more interesting videos that were released last week and that you may also want to check out.

  • Aphex Twin "T69 collapse"
  • Vera Sola "Small minds"
  • Tyler, the Creator "See you again"
  • Sebastian Yatra "Ya no tiene novio"
  • Danny Ocean "Epa wei"

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