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Best videos of the week: July 23, 2018

by Alex S. Garcia
July 30, 2018

Our selection of the best music videos released in the previous week.

Published every Monday.

Jack White "Corporation"
Directed by Jodeb

When Jack White's body is found, a female detective starts questioning suspects... And what a gallery of odd characters they are!

The murder investigation turns quite bizarre as their peculiarities are revealed... and they begin to dance!

But in the end, what we thought we knew ends up not being quite what it seemed.

Another Sky "Avalanche"
Directed by Alex Nicholson

Sometimes a simple concept is enough to carry a song. Sometimes the result can even be quite powerful, as is the case here.

The main strength of this video lies in the singer's poignant performance, with emotions oozing from her expressions as she simultaneously sings and sheds her skin.

Saketh Sai "Prisoner"
Directed by Onyee Lo & Paige Carter & Katie Knudson

In this animated video, a homeless girl with a heart of gold finds herself pursued by disused tin cans... but it's all for her own good, as the Christmas-like ending reveals.

Press to MECO "If all your parts don't make a whole"
(director unknown)

Modern technology can be wonderful and extremely useful, but it's also brought with it some major pitfalls.

This video addresses how social media and the need to be liked can lead to (or increase) a lack of self-esteem, anorexia, weight obsession, false appearances... and how it all can affect a person's private life.

Jawjaw "Worse than it seems"
Directed by Ian Roderick Gray

How we are perceived by others can vastly affect our psyche and our ability to blend into society... be it handicaps, skin tone or cultural/religious marks.

In today's volatile climate, this issue is more relevant than ever. And what better way to show the absurdity of xenophobia than through the absurdity of an impossible physical deformity?

Bhad Bhabie "Trust me"
Directed by Nicholaus Goossen

Danielle Bregoli isn't your typical teenage girl. When a pedophile picks her as his next victim, he finds out that he may have made the biggest mistake of his life.

The video also stars Bella Thorne as Bhad Bhabie's co-conspirator.

Satellite Mode "Terrified"
(director unknown)

A woman covered in blood smokes a cigarette, then gets up and... we realize at this stage that everything is played backwards. So little by little we put the pieces of the puzzle back together as we witness her strange behavior... until the ultimate truth is revealed!

Kygo "Born to be yours"
Directed by Matt Eastin & Aaron Hymes

Bigfoot is alive and well. In fact, he lives amongst us and seems fairly well integrated into society... at least until he falls in love and has to go into forbidden land! But hey, what's a smitten sasquatch to do? What he finds in the end, though, is unexpected.

Here are some more interesting videos that were released last week and that you may also want to check out.

  • Arctic Monkeys "Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino"
  • Fall Out Boy "Bishops knife trick"
  • Ace Hood "Fwea"
  • Flavour "Time to party"
  • SonReal "Have a nice day"
  • Young the Giant "Simplify"
  • twenty one pilots "Nico and the niners"
  • Alan Walker "Darkside"

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