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MTV Italy

TV network
Status : active
Founded : 1 May 2001
Country : Italy
MTV first became available in Italy through an agreement with national network Rete A, which was rebranded as Rete A MTV on September 1, 1997. This lasted until May 2001, when MTV decided to switch frequencies. It was then officially christened as MTV Italy.

The move from Rete A to TMC2 allowed them to acquire the large video library which was once owned by Videomusic (the predecessor of TMC2).

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Contact information :
  • Postal address :
    Corso Europa 7
    20122 Milano
  • Phone :
    +39 02 762 1171
    +39 02 762 1240
  • Fax : +39 02 762 1227

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6 videos added to rotation, week of November 13, 2006:

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