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Virgin Radio TV

151 videos are currently known to have aired on this network:

  15 Apr 2013-- Theme Park-- Tonight-- Jan 2013
  15 Apr 2013-- Jake Bugg-- Seen it all-- Feb 2013
  08 Apr 2013-- Johnny Marr-- Upstarts-- Jan 2013
  08 Apr 2013-- Muse-- Supremacy-- Feb 2013
  25 Mar 2013-- Hurts-- Miracle-- Feb 2013
  11 Mar 2013-- David Bowie-- The stars (are out tonight)-- Feb 2013
  25 Feb 2013-- Biffy Clyro-- Black chandelier-- Dec 2012
  25 Feb 2013-- Bon Jovi-- Because we can-- Jan 2013
  25 Feb 2013-- Bastille-- Pompeii-- Jan 2013
  25 Feb 2013-- Depeche Mode-- Heaven-- Jan 2013
  -unknown--- Paramore-- Now-- Feb 2013
  21 Jan 2013-- David Bowie-- Where are we now?-- Jan 2013
  -unknown--- Miles Kane-- Give up-- Jan 2013
  -unknown--- Muse-- Madness-- Sep 2012
  -unknown--- Jake Bugg-- Two fingers-- Sep 2012
  -unknown--- Imagine Dragons-- It's time [version 1]-- Apr 2012
  -unknown--- Kasabian-- Man of simple pleasures-- Apr 2012
  -unknown--- the Lumineers-- Ho hey-- Mar 2012
  -unknown--- Florence + the Machine-- Shake it out-- Oct 2011
  -unknown--- Kasabian-- Days are forgotten-- Aug 2011
  -unknown--- Gotye-- Eyes wide open-- Oct 2010
  -unknown--- Florence + the Machine-- You've got the love-- Sep 2009
  -unknown--- Florence + the Machine-- Rabbit heart (raise it up)-- May 2009
  -unknown--- Red Hot Chili Peppers-- Hump de bump-- Nov 2006
  -unknown--- Chris Cornell-- You know my name-- Nov 2006
  -unknown--- Razorlight-- America-- Sep 2006
  -unknown--- Evanescence-- Call me when you're sober-- Aug 2006
  -unknown--- Keane-- Crystal ball-- Aug 2006
  -unknown--- Muse-- Supermassive black hole-- May 2006
  -unknown--- P!nk-- Who knew?-- May 2006
  -unknown--- Depeche Mode-- Suffer well-- Feb 2006
  -unknown--- U2-- Original of the species-- Dec 2005
  -unknown--- Richard Ashcroft-- Break the night with colour-- Dec 2005
  -unknown--- the Darkness-- One way ticket-- Nov 2005
  -unknown--- Depeche Mode-- Precious-- Sep 2005
  -unknown--- Nickelback-- Photograph-- Aug 2005
  -unknown--- Natalie Imbruglia-- Shiver-- Feb 2005
  -unknown--- KT Tunstall-- Black horse and the cherry tree-- Feb 2005
  -unknown--- R.E.M.-- Leaving New York-- Sep 2004
  -unknown--- Avril Lavigne-- My happy ending-- Jul 2004
  -unknown--- Keane-- Everybody's changing [version 1]-- May 2004
  -unknown--- Muse-- Sing for absolution-- Apr 2004
  -unknown--- the Offspring-- Hit that-- Feb 2004
  -unknown--- Muse-- Hysteria [version 1: hotel room]-- Jan 2004
  -unknown--- R.E.M.-- Animal-- Nov 2003
  -unknown--- Snow Patrol-- Run-- Oct 2003
  -unknown--- R.E.M.-- Bad day-- Oct 2003
  -unknown--- David Bowie-- New killer star-- Sep 2003
  -unknown--- Caesars Palace-- Jerk it out-- Apr 2003
  -unknown--- Blur-- Out of time-- Apr 2003
  -unknown--- Evanescence-- Bring me to life-- Feb 2003
  -unknown--- Coldplay-- The scientist-- Oct 2002
  -unknown--- Red Hot Chili Peppers-- The Zephyr song-- Oct 2002
  -unknown--- U2-- Electrical storm-- Sep 2002
  -unknown--- Oasis-- Stop crying your heart out-- May 2002
  -unknown--- Depeche Mode-- Dream on-- Apr 2001
  -unknown--- Limp Bizkit-- Take a look around-- Oct 2000
  -unknown--- the Dandy Warhols-- Bohemian like you-- Aug 2000
  -unknown--- Wheatus-- Teenage dirtbag-- Aug 2000
  -unknown--- Red Hot Chili Peppers-- Californication-- Jun 2000
  -unknown--- Oasis-- Sunday morning call-- Jun 2000
  -unknown--- Blink 182-- Adam's song-- Mar 2000
  -unknown--- Blink 182-- What's my age again?-- May 1999
  -unknown--- the Offspring-- Pretty fly (for a white guy)-- Nov 1998
  -unknown--- Hole-- Celebrity skin-- Sep 1998
  -unknown--- Sheryl Crow-- My favorite mistake-- Aug 1998
  -unknown--- Eagle-Eye Cherry-- Save tonight-- Jul 1998
  -unknown--- Garbage-- I think I'm paranoid-- Jul 1998
  -unknown--- Embrace-- Come back to what you know-- May 1998
  -unknown--- the Smashing Pumpkins-- Ava Adore-- May 1998
  -unknown--- Green Day-- Time of your life (good riddance)-- Dec 1997
  -unknown--- Natalie Imbruglia-- Big mistake-- Nov 1997
  -unknown--- the Rolling Stones-- Anybody seen my baby?-- Sep 1997
  -unknown--- Oasis-- D'you know what I mean?-- Jul 1997
  -unknown--- Matchbox 20-- Push-- Apr 1997
  -unknown--- Suede-- The beautiful ones-- Oct 1996
  -unknown--- No Doubt-- Don't speak-- Sep 1996
  -unknown--- the Cure-- Mint car-- Jun 1996
  -unknown--- Blur-- Country house-- Aug 1995
  -unknown--- Supergrass-- Alright-- Jul 1995
  -unknown--- Alanis Morissette-- You oughta know-- Jun 1995
  -unknown--- the Cardigans-- Carnival-- 1995
  -unknown--- Roxette-- Sleeping in my car-- Mar 1994
  -unknown--- Bruce Springsteen-- Streets of Philadelphia-- Feb 1994
  -unknown--- Nirvana-- Heart-shaped box-- Sep 1993
  -unknown--- Red Hot Chili Peppers-- Soul to squeeze-- Jul 1993
  -unknown--- Faith No More-- Easy-- Mar 1993
  -unknown--- the Cranberries-- Linger-- Jan 1993
  -unknown--- Nirvana-- Come as you are-- Mar 1992
  -unknown--- U2-- One [version 1: b&w / drag]-- Feb 1992
  -unknown--- the Spin Doctors-- Two princes-- Feb 1992
  -unknown--- Metallica-- Nothing else matters-- Feb 1992
  -unknown--- U2-- Mysterious ways-- Nov 1991
  -unknown--- Guns 'n' Roses-- Don't cry-- Oct 1991
  -unknown--- Red Hot Chili Peppers-- Give it away-- Sep 1991
  -unknown--- Nirvana-- Smells like teen spirit-- Sep 1991
  -unknown--- Dire Straits-- Calling Elvis-- Aug 1991
  -unknown--- Chris Isaak-- Wicked game [version 1: film]-- Aug 1990
  -unknown--- Jon Bon Jovi-- Blaze of glory-- Jul 1990
  -unknown--- Depeche Mode-- Enjoy the silence [version 1]-- Mar 1990
  -unknown--- Depeche Mode-- Personal Jesus-- Nov 1989
  -unknown--- Aerosmith-- Love in an elevator-- Sep 1989
  -unknown--- the B-52's-- Love shack-- Sep 1989
  -unknown--- Vasco Rossi-- Liberi, liberi-- May 1989
  -unknown--- the Cure-- Lullaby [version 1: concept]-- Apr 1989
  -unknown--- Bon Jovi-- I'll be there for you [live]-- Apr 1989
  -unknown--- Poison-- Your mama don't dance [live]-- Apr 1989
  -unknown--- Simple Minds-- Belfast child-- Feb 1989
  -unknown--- Poison-- Every rose has its thorn-- Feb 1989
  -unknown--- R.E.M.-- Stand-- Jan 1989
  -unknown--- Whitesnake-- Is this love?-- Dec 1988
  -unknown--- the Traveling Wilburys-- Handle with care-- Oct 1988
  -unknown--- Transvision Vamp-- I want your love-- Jun 1988
  -unknown--- Robert Palmer-- Simply irresistible-- Jun 1988
  -unknown--- R.E.M.-- It's the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine)-- Jan 1988
  -unknown--- Bruce Springsteen-- Brilliant disguise-- Sep 1987
  -unknown--- Mötley Crüe-- Girls, girls, girls-- May 1987
  -unknown--- Billy Idol-- To be a lover-- Sep 1986
  -unknown--- Peter Gabriel-- Sledgehammer-- May 1986
  -unknown--- David Bowie-- Absolute beginners-- Mar 1986
  -unknown--- Queen-- A kind of magic-- Mar 1986
  -unknown--- the Rolling Stones-- Harlem shuffle-- Feb 1986
  -unknown--- Public Image Ltd.-- Rise-- Feb 1986
  -unknown--- Queen-- One vision-- Sep 1985
  -unknown--- David Bowie-- Dancin' in the street-- Aug 1985
  -unknown--- Eurythmics-- Would I lie to you?-- Apr 1985
  -unknown--- David Lee Roth-- California girls-- Feb 1985
  -unknown--- Bryan Adams-- Summer of '69 [version 1]-- Nov 1984
  -unknown--- the Cars-- Drive-- Jul 1984
  -unknown--- ZZ Top-- Legs-- May 1984
  -unknown--- Eurythmics-- Here comes the rain again [version 1]-- Jan 1984
  -unknown--- David Bowie-- China girl-- May 1983
  -unknown--- Billy Idol-- Dancing with myself-- 1983
  -unknown--- Billy Idol-- Hot in the city-- Jul 1982
  -unknown--- George Thorogood-- Bad to the bone-- 1982
  -unknown--- J. Geils Band-- Centerfold-- Nov 1981
  -unknown--- the Police-- Every little thing she does is magic-- Sep 1981
  -unknown--- the Stray Cats-- Stray cat strut-- Apr 1981
  -unknown--- Blondie-- Rapture-- Jan 1981
  -unknown--- Dire Straits-- Tunnel of love-- Nov 1980
  -unknown--- the Ramones-- Rock 'n' Roll High School-- Sep 1980
  -unknown--- Genesis-- Misunderstanding-- Sep 1980
  -unknown--- AC/DC-- What do you do for money honey?-- Jul 1980
  -unknown--- the Clash-- London calling-- Dec 1979
  -unknown--- Pink Floyd-- Another brick in the wall (part 2) [version 1]-- Nov 1979
  -unknown--- the Sweet-- Love is like oxygen-- 1978
  -unknown--- Sex Pistols-- God save the Queen [live]-- Jun 1977
  -unknown--- Boston-- More than a feeling-- Jan 1977
  -unknown--- Queen-- Somebody to love [live]-- Nov 1976
  -unknown--- Pink Floyd-- Money-- May 1973
  -unknown--- Jimi Hendrix-- Crosstown traffic-- Apr 1969

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