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162 videos are currently known to have aired on this network:

  -unknown--- Blog 27-- Hey boy (get your ass up)-- Apr 2006
  27 Mar 2006-- t.A.T.u.-- Gomenesai-- Mar 2006
  27 Mar 2006-- Hi Tack-- Say, say, say (waiting 4 U)-- Dec 2005
  27 Mar 2006-- Flipsyde-- Happy birthday-- Dec 2005
  -unknown--- Tokio Hotel-- Rette Mich-- Feb 2006
  -unknown--- P!nk-- Stupid girls-- Feb 2006
  -unknown--- Madonna-- Sorry-- Feb 2006
  -unknown--- Black Eyed Peas-- Pump it-- Feb 2006
  -unknown--- Pussycat Dolls-- Beep-- Jan 2006
  -unknown--- Bez Cenzury-- Bez Cenzury-- 2006
  -unknown--- Fu Olsen-- Perspektywy-- 2006
  -unknown--- Donguralesko-- Cisza-- 2006
  -unknown--- OSTR-- O robieniu bitow-- 2006
  -unknown--- Bla Bla-- Ta noc jest nasza-- 2006
  -unknown--- Plomien 81-- Powiedz na osiedlu-- 2006
  -unknown--- Hurt-- Zaloga G-- 2006
  -unknown--- Kto To-- Zero do stracenia-- 2006
  -unknown--- Reni Jusis-- Kilka prostych prawd-- 2006
  -unknown--- T. Love-- Gnijacy swiat-- 2006
  -unknown--- Virgin-- Dwie bajki-- 2006
  -unknown--- Kombi-- Czekam wciaz na cud-- 2006
  -unknown--- Mezo-- Nikt nie kocha meza-- 2006
  -unknown--- Kasia Cerekwicka-- Na kolana-- 2006
  -unknown--- WWO-- Moge wszystko-- 2006
  -unknown--- Sean Paul-- Temperature-- Dec 2005
  -unknown--- Beyonce-- Check on it-- Dec 2005
  -unknown--- Eros Ramazzotti-- I belong to you (Il ritmo della passione)-- Dec 2005
  -unknown--- Eminem-- When I'm gone-- Dec 2005
  -unknown--- Busta Rhymes-- Touch it [version 1]-- Dec 2005
  -unknown--- the Notorious B.I.G.-- Nasty girl-- Dec 2005
  -unknown--- Tom Novy-- Your body-- Nov 2005
  -unknown--- Coldplay-- Talk-- Nov 2005
  -unknown--- Robbie Williams-- Advertising space-- Nov 2005
  -unknown--- Tokio Hotel-- Schrei-- Nov 2005
  -unknown--- Shakira-- Don't bother-- Nov 2005
  -unknown--- Shaggy-- Ultimatum-- Nov 2005
  -unknown--- Madonna-- Hung up-- Oct 2005
  -unknown--- Pharrell-- Can I have it like that?-- Oct 2005
  -unknown--- Black Eyed Peas-- My humps-- Oct 2005
  -unknown--- Pussycat Dolls-- Stickwitu-- Oct 2005
  -unknown--- Bob Sinclar-- Love generation-- Sep 2005
  -unknown--- Vinylshakers-- One night in Bangkok-- Sep 2005
  -unknown--- t.A.T.u.-- All about us-- Sep 2005
  -unknown--- Mylo-- Dr. Pressure-- Aug 2005
  -unknown--- Shaggy-- Wild 2nite-- Aug 2005
  -unknown--- Chris Brown-- Run it!-- Aug 2005
  -unknown--- Mattafix-- Big city life-- Jun 2005
  -unknown--- Global Deejays-- The sound of San Francisco-- Jun 2005
  -unknown--- James Blunt-- High [version 2: forest running]-- Jun 2005
  -unknown--- Ben Moody-- Everything burns-- Jun 2005
  -unknown--- Crazy Frog-- Axel F-- May 2005
  -unknown--- Audiobullys-- Shot you down-- Apr 2005
  -unknown--- Akon-- Lonely-- Mar 2005
  -unknown--- the Game-- Hate it or love it-- Mar 2005
  -unknown--- Throes of Dawn-- Vertigo-- Dec 2004
  -unknown--- Ciara-- 1, 2 step-- Nov 2004
  -unknown--- Snoop Dogg-- Drop it like it's hot-- Oct 2004
  -unknown--- R.E.M.-- Leaving New York-- Sep 2004
  -unknown--- the Streets-- Blinded by the lights-- Sep 2004
  -unknown--- KoRn-- Word up-- Sep 2004
  -unknown--- JoJo-- Baby it's you-- Sep 2004
  -unknown--- Fabolous-- Breathe-- Sep 2004
  -unknown--- Usher-- My boo-- Sep 2004
  -unknown--- Hoobastank-- The reason-- Jun 2004
  -unknown--- Jay-Z-- 99 problems-- Apr 2004
  -unknown--- Mario Winans-- I don't wanna know-- Mar 2004
  -unknown--- Baby Bash-- Suga suga-- Mar 2004
  -unknown--- KoRn-- Y'all want a single?-- Jan 2004
  -unknown--- Blue Lagoon-- Break my stride-- 2004
  -unknown--- Justin Timberlake-- I'm lovin' it-- Nov 2003
  -unknown--- No Doubt-- It's my life-- Nov 2003
  -unknown--- Britney Spears-- Me against the music-- Oct 2003
  -unknown--- Groove Coverage-- Poison-- Oct 2003
  -unknown--- the Rolling Stones-- Sympathy for the Devil [version 2: Fatboy Slim remix]-- Oct 2003
  -unknown--- Electric 6-- Dance commander-- Oct 2003
  -unknown--- Metallica-- Frantic-- Sep 2003
  -unknown--- Audioslave-- Show me how to live-- Sep 2003
  -unknown--- Alien Ant Farm-- These days-- Aug 2003
  -unknown--- Christina Aguilera-- Can't hold us down-- Jul 2003
  -unknown--- t.A.T.u.-- How soon is now?-- Jun 2003
  -unknown--- Lumidee-- Never leave you - uh ooh, uh oooh!-- Jun 2003
  -unknown--- Boogie Pimps-- Somebody to love-- Apr 2003
  -unknown--- Eminem-- Sing for the moment-- Apr 2003
  -unknown--- Nelly-- Work it-- Mar 2003
  -unknown--- Counting Crows-- Big yellow taxi-- Feb 2003
  -unknown--- System of a Down-- Boom!-- 2003
  -unknown--- Blu Cantrell-- Breathe-- Dec 2002
  -unknown--- Foo Fighters-- Times like these [version 1]-- Dec 2002
  -unknown--- Bon Jovi-- Misunderstood-- Nov 2002
  -unknown--- Jennifer Lopez-- Jenny from the block-- Nov 2002
  -unknown--- Jay-Z-- 03 Bonnie & Clyde-- Nov 2002
  -unknown--- Christina Aguilera-- Dirrty-- Oct 2002
  -unknown--- Avril Lavigne-- Sk8er boi-- Aug 2002
  -unknown--- Puddle of Mudd-- She hates me-- Aug 2002
  -unknown--- Thicke-- When I get you alone-- Jul 2002
  -unknown--- Atomic Kitten-- The tide is high (get the feeling)-- Jul 2002
  -unknown--- Tenacious D-- Tribute-- May 2002
  -unknown--- Britney Spears-- I love rock 'n' roll-- Mar 2002
  -unknown--- Fat Joe-- What's luv?-- Mar 2002
  -unknown--- Jennifer Lopez-- Ain't it funny [version 2: remix]-- Jan 2002
  -unknown--- Mad House-- Like a prayer-- 2002
  -unknown--- Robbie Williams-- Somethin' stupid-- Dec 2001
  -unknown--- P.O.D.-- Alive-- Aug 2001
  -unknown--- Roger Sanchez-- Another chance-- Jul 2001
  -unknown--- Busta Rhymes-- What it is-- Jul 2001
  -unknown--- Lil' Kim-- In the air tonite-- Jun 2001
  -unknown--- Alien Ant Farm-- Smooth criminal-- Jun 2001
  -unknown--- Travis-- Sing-- May 2001
  -unknown--- Geri Halliwell-- It's raining men-- Apr 2001
  -unknown--- Eve-- Let me blow ya mind-- Apr 2001
  -unknown--- Madonna-- What it feels like for a girl-- Mar 2001
  -unknown--- R. Kelly-- Fiesta-- Feb 2001
  -unknown--- Ricky Martin-- Nobody wants to be lonely-- Jan 2001
  -unknown--- Brandy-- Another day in Paradise-- 2001
  -unknown--- Eminem-- Stan-- Nov 2000
  -unknown--- Wu-Tang Clan-- Protect ya neck (the jump off)-- Nov 2000
  -unknown--- Robbie Williams-- Kids-- Oct 2000
  -unknown--- Moby-- Find my baby-- Oct 2000
  -unknown--- Moby-- Southside-- Oct 2000
  -unknown--- Wyclef Jean-- 911-- Sep 2000
  -unknown--- Limp Bizkit-- Rollin'-- Sep 2000
  -unknown--- Eminem-- The way I am-- Jul 2000
  -unknown--- Busta Rhymes-- Fire-- Jul 2000
  -unknown--- AC/DC-- Safe in New York City-- Jun 2000
  -unknown--- Maxim-- Carmen Queasy-- Apr 2000
  -unknown--- Robbie Williams-- We are the champions-- 2000
  -unknown--- Limp Bizkit-- N 2gether now-- Oct 1999
  -unknown--- Metallica-- Whiskey in the jar-- Feb 1999
  -unknown--- KoRn-- Freak on a leash-- Feb 1999
  -unknown--- the Cardigans-- My favourite game-- Oct 1998
  -unknown--- Alanis Morissette-- Thank U-- Oct 1998
  -unknown--- Fatboy Slim-- Gangster trippin'-- Oct 1998
  -unknown--- Eagle-Eye Cherry-- Save tonight-- Jul 1998
  -unknown--- Jamiroquai-- Deeper underground-- Jul 1998
  -unknown--- Puff Daddy-- Come with me-- Jun 1998
  -unknown--- the Rolling Stones-- Anybody seen my baby?-- Sep 1997
  -unknown--- Wyclef Jean-- We trying to stay alive-- Jun 1997
  -unknown--- Puff Daddy-- I'll be missing you-- May 1997
  -unknown--- Jay-Z-- Can't knock the hustle-- Oct 1996
  -unknown--- Nas-- If I ruled the world-- Jun 1996
  -unknown--- the Fugees-- Killing me softly [version 2: band at the movies]-- 1996
  -unknown--- 2 Pac-- California love (part 1)-- Dec 1995
  -unknown--- Michael Jackson-- Scream-- Jun 1995
  -unknown--- George Michael-- Killer / Papa was a Rolling Stone-- Jun 1993
  -unknown--- Sting-- Englishman in New York-- Feb 1988
  -unknown--- the Beastie Boys-- Fight for your right (to party)-- Dec 1986
  -unknown--- Depeche Mode-- Stripped-- Mar 1986
  -unknown--- Santos-- Camels--
  -unknown--- Hey-- Muka--
  -unknown--- the Bates-- Billie Jean--
  -unknown--- Stachursky-- Typ niepokorny--
  -unknown--- Mandaryna-- You give love a bad name--
  -unknown--- Ich Troje-- A wszystko to bo ciebie kocham--
  -unknown--- Big Cyc-- Facet to swinia--
  -unknown--- WSZ-- Jeszcze raz--
  -unknown--- Vienio & Pele-- Isc swoja droga--
  -unknown--- Sidney Polak-- Otwieram wind--
  -unknown--- Sarah Connor-- One night stand--
  -unknown--- Ramona Rey-- Zanim stonce wstanie--
  -unknown--- Mezo-- Wazne--
  -unknown--- Frank Sinatra-- New York, New York--
  -unknown--- Guano Apes-- Big in Japan--

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