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Epic Records

39 videos are currently listed for this company:
  May 2007-- Modest Mouse-- Dashboard-- Dir: Motion Theory
  Sep 2004-- Modest Mouse-- Ocean breathes salty-- Dir: Chris Milk
   2004-- Modest Mouse-- Float on-- Dir: Christopher Mills
  Apr 2002-- Ben Folds-- Still fighting it [version 1]-- Dir: Gavin Bowden
  Nov 2001-- Anastacia-- Paid my dues-- Dir: Liz Friedlander
  Aug 2001-- Ben Folds-- Rockin' the suburbs-- Dir: Al Yankovic
  Jan 2000-- Oasis-- Go let it out-- Dir: Nick Egan
  Jan 2000-- Billie Myers-- It all comes down to you-- Dir: Lawrence Carroll
  Jan 2000-- Alexia-- Happy 
  Dec 1999-- B*witched-- I shall be there-- Dir: Katie Bell
  Dec 1999-- Europe-- Final countdown [version 2: 2000] 
  Nov 1999-- KoRn-- Falling away from me-- Dir: Fred Durst
  Nov 1999-- Jamiroquai-- King for a day-- Dir: Dawn Shadforth
  Oct 1999-- Apollo Four Forty-- Heart go boom-- Dir: Jason Smith
   1999-- Bluvertigo-- La crisi [version 2: live] 
  Feb 1994-- Freddie Foxxx-- So tough-- Dir: Mark Gerard
  Mar 1991-- Firehouse-- Don't treat me bad-- Dir: Mark Rezyka
  Mar 1991-- CÚline Dion-- (If there was) Any other way [version 2: USA]-- Dir: Dominic Orlando
  Sep 1990-- Louie Louie-- I wanna get back with you-- Dir: Dominic Orlando
  Jan 1990-- Donald D-- F.B.I.-- Dir: Ice-T
  Jan 1990-- Bonham-- Guilty-- Dir: Mark Rezyka
  Dec 1989-- Gloria Estefan-- Here we are-- Dir: Oley Sassone
   1989-- Donald D-- Notorious-- Dir: Simon Fellowes
  Jul 1986-- Robert Tepper-- Don't walk away-- Dir: Dominic Sena
  Apr 1986-- Culture Club-- Move away-- Dir: Willy Smax
  Mar 1986-- Rick Derringer-- Real American 
  Feb 1986-- Ozzy Osbourne-- Shot in the dark [version 1]-- Dir: Andy Morahan
  Jan 1986-- John Cafferty & the Beaver Brown Band-- Small town girl-- Dir: Danny Smith
  Jan 1986-- R.O.A.R.-- We gotta do it-- Dir: Tony Greco
  Oct 1985-- Miami Sound Machine-- Conga 
  Oct 1984-- REO Speedwagon-- I do' wanna know-- Dir: Sherry Revord & Kevin Dole
  Feb 1984-- Teena Marie-- Robbery-- Dir: Marcelo Epstein
  Feb 1984-- Aldo Nova-- Monkey on your back-- Dir: Richard Casey
  Feb 1984-- Quiet Riot-- Cum on feel the noize-- Dir: Mark Rezyka
  Oct 1983-- Paul McCartney-- Say say say-- Dir: Bob Giraldi
  Sep 1983-- Culture Club-- Karma Chameleon-- Dir: Peter Sinclair
  Apr 1983-- Michael Jackson-- Beat it-- Dir: Bob Giraldi
  Mar 1983-- Michael Jackson-- Billie Jean [version 1: concept]-- Dir: Steve Barron
  May 1982-- Kansas-- Play the game-- Dir: Mark Stimson

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