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Warner Bros. Records

36 videos are currently listed for this company:
  Aug 2018-- Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers-- You and me [clubhouse version]-- Dir: N/A
  Jul 2018-- Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers-- Keep a little soul-- Dir: Biff Butler
  Jun 2018-- Houndmouth-- This party-- Dir: Kris Merc
  Oct 2015-- Duran Duran-- Pressure off-- Dir: Nick Egan
  May 2015-- Twin Shadow-- I'm ready-- Dir: Lance Drake
  Feb 2007-- Red Hot Chili Peppers-- Desecration smile-- Dir: Gus van Sant
  Nov 2006-- Daniel Powter-- Love you lately-- Dir: Philip Andelman
  Oct 2006-- Paul Simon-- Outrageous-- Dir: P.R. Brown
  Sep 2006-- Taking Back Sunday-- Liar (it takes one to know one) [version 1: concept]-- Dir: Tony Petrossian
  Sep 2006-- Red Hot Chili Peppers-- Snow ((hey oh)) [version 1]-- Dir: Tony Kaye
  Jul 2006-- Avenged Sevenfold-- Seize the day-- Dir: Wayne Isham
  Jul 2006-- Built to Spill-- Conventional wisdom-- Dir: Shafei & Levitz
  Jun 2006-- Red Hot Chili Peppers-- Tell me baby-- Dir: Jonathan Dayton & Valerie Faris
  May 2006-- the Vacation-- White noise-- Dir: Shafei & Levitz
  May 2006-- Head Automatica-- Graduation Day-- Dir: Tony Petrossian
  Apr 2006-- Taking Back Sunday-- MakeDamnSure-- Dir: Marc Klasfeld
  Apr 2006-- Red Hot Chili Peppers-- Dani California-- Dir: Tony Kaye
  Apr 2006-- Goo Goo Dolls-- Stay with you-- Dir: P.R. Brown
  Mar 2006-- the Flaming Lips-- The yeah yeah yeah song-- Dir: Traktor
  Feb 2006-- Avenged Sevenfold-- Beast and the harlot-- Dir: Tony Petrossian
  Nov 2005-- Goo Goo Dolls-- Better days-- Dir: Noble Jones
  Oct 2005-- Michael Bublé-- Save the last dance for me-- Dir: Noble Jones
  May 2005-- Billy Corgan-- Walking shade-- Dir: P.R. Brown
  Jan 2004-- Madonna-- Love profusion-- Dir: Luc Besson
  Mar 2003-- Zwan-- Lyric-- Dir: Bruce Dickson
  Jan 2003-- Zwan-- Honestly-- Dir: Bruce Dickson
  Oct 2001-- Depeche Mode-- Freelove [version 1]-- Dir: John Hillcoat
   2001-- AMyth-- My body-- Dir: Prentice Sinclair Smith
   2000-- No Authority-- Can I get your number baby?-- Dir: Gregory Dark
  Feb 1998-- Madonna-- Frozen-- Dir: Chris Cunningham
  Feb 1995-- Mudhoney-- Generation spokesmodel-- Dir: Jeff Economy & Tim Rutili
  Jan 1990-- Powermad-- Nice dreams-- Dir: Simon Fellowes
  Mar 1986-- ZZ Top-- Rough boy-- Dir: Steve Barron
  Jan 1986-- Christopher Cross-- That girl-- Dir: Peter Kagan
  Jan 1986-- Morris Day-- Color of success-- Dir: Drew Takahashi
  Jan 1986-- Jack Wagner-- Love can take us all the way-- Dir: Oley Sassone

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