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Fugitive Films

Production company
Status : unknown

Little is known about this company. If you can provide missing information (founders, dates of activity, etc.) please do let us know.

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20 videos are currently listed for this company:
  Jun 1994-- Salt 'n' Pepa-- Heaven 'n' Hell-- Dir: Marcus Nispel & Jay Torres
   1994-- Jade-- 5-4-3-2 (yo! time is up)-- Dir: Jay Torres
  Sep 1988-- Bonnie Bianco-- When the price is your love-- Dir: Peter Cornish
  Feb 1987-- Five Star-- Stay out of my life-- Dir: Christopher Collins
   1987-- the Go-Betweens-- Was there anything I could do?-- Dir: Nick Small
  Sep 1986-- Five Star-- Rain or shine-- Dir: Christopher Collins
  Jul 1986-- Five Star-- Find the time-- Dir: Christopher Collins
  Aug 1985-- Thereza Bazar-- The big kiss-- Dir: Simon Milne
  Jul 1985-- Loose Ends-- Golden years-- Dir: Simon Cook
  Jun 1985-- Elton John-- Act of war-- Dir: Simon Milne
  May 1985-- Loose Ends-- Magic touch-- Dir: Simon Milne
  Feb 1985-- Loose Ends-- Hangin' on a string (contemplating)-- Dir: Simon Cook
  Nov 1984-- Mike Oldfield-- Etude-- Dir: Simon Cook
  Oct 1984-- Spandau Ballet-- Highly strung-- Dir: Dominic Anciano
  Aug 1984-- Annabella-- The flame-- Dir: Marcello Anciano
  Jun 1984-- Spandau Ballet-- Only when you leave-- Dir: Simon Milne
  Apr 1984-- the Human League-- The Lebanon-- Dir: Simon Milne
   1984-- Spandau Ballet-- Round and round-- Dir: Simon Milne
  Jul 1983-- Five Star-- Let me be the One-- Dir: Christopher Collins
  May 1983-- Five Star-- All fall down-- Dir: Christopher Collins

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