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Wanda Productions

Production company
Status : active
Founded : Apr 1991
Founder : Patrick Barbier
Country : France
French production company.

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Contact information :
  • Postal address :
    Bât. 122
    50 avenue du Président Wilson
    93214 Saint-Denis la Plaine Cedex
  • Phone : +33 1 49 46 63 63
  • Fax : +33 1 49 46 63 64
  • Website :

Current roster    (as of 31 Mar 2015)

In-house producers    (as of 31 Mar 2015)

Other directors who have worked with Wanda Productions in the past:

300ml, Lance Acord, Philippe André, Yvan Attal, Aleksander Bach, Arno Bani (2005-?), Billy Greg (2006-?), David Blin (?-2006), Pep Bosch, Wilfrid Brimo, Bryan Buckley, Christian & Patrick, Conkerco, Daniels, Ben Dawkins, Cyrille de Vignemont, Raymond Depardon (2005-2006), Armen Djerahian (2005-?), Michael Downing, Seb Edwards, Mabrouk El Mechri, Brett Foraker, the Glue Society, Ivan Grbovic, Guiom & Fred (2006-?), Kalle Haglund (2006-?), Vincent Haycock, Paul Hunter, Siraj Jhaveri, Mathilde Jouannet (2005-?), Jaci Judelson, Jul & Mat, Leila & Damien de Blinkk, Jean-Yves Lemoigne, Yoann Lemoine (2006-?), Louis Leterrier (?-2006), Xavier Mairesse, Melina Matsoukas, Wendy Morgan, Jean-François Moriceau (2006-?), Petra Mrzyk (2006-?), Noam Murro, Christophe Navarre (?-2005), Ne-O (2005-?), Yann Orhan (?-2005), Julien Pelgrand (2005-2006), Gilles Porte (2006-?), Steve Rogers, Isaiah Seret, Shaun Severi, Joann Sfar, Baker Smith, Spike & Jones, Philipp Stolzl (?-2005), Sebastian Strasser, François Supiot (?-2005), Benzo Theodore, Julien Trousselier (2005-?), David Ungaro (2006-?), César Vayssié (?-2005), Markus Walter, Leo Woodhead.

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