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Oil Factory

Production company
Status : active
Founded : 1985
Founders : Billy Poveda & John Stewart
Country : USA

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Contact information :

Current roster    (as of 16 Feb 2013)

Other directors who have worked with Oil Factory in the past:

Doug Aitken, Jonas Akerlund, K.C. Amos, Martyn Atkins, Barnaby & Scott, Adam Berg, Giuseppe Capotondi, Paul Cunningham, Kyle Davison, Dom & Nic, Alexis Dos Santos, Fatima Robinson, Kate Garner, Grant Gee, Anders Hallberg, Sven Harding, Julie Hermelin, Richard Heslop (1992-?), John Hillcoat, Martina Hoogland-Ivanow, Allen Hughes, the Hughes Brothers (2006-?), the Hughes Brothers, Andy Hylton, Elliot Jokelson, Ethan Lader, Karen Lamond, Kris Lefcoe, Scott Lyon, Barry Maguire, Oliver Manzi, Greg Masuak, E. Elias Merhige, Masashi Muto, Thomas Q. Napper, Doug Pray, Rainbows & Vampires, Frank Sacramento, Rob Schrab, Earle Sebastian, Shynola, Philipp Stolzl, Tomorrow's Brightest Minds, Steven Tsuchida, Ellen Von Unwerth, W.I.Z..

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