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Spudnick Productions

Production company
Status : unknown

Little is known about this company. If you can provide missing information (founders, dates of activity, etc.) please do let us know.

Click here to list all videos that Spudnick Productions is known to have been involved with.

10 videos are currently listed for this company:
  Mar 1996-- Cliff Richard-- I do not love you Isabella-- Dir: Nick Morris
  Jan 1996-- Paul Carrack-- Eyes of blue-- Dir: Nick Morris
  Jul 1995-- Cliff Richard-- Had to be-- Dir: Nick Morris
  Jan 1995-- Basia-- Drunk on love-- Dir: Nick Morris
  Mar 1993-- Big Country-- Ships-- Dir: Nick Morris
  Jun 1992-- Beijing Spring-- We can keep this together-- Dir: Nick Morris
  Sep 1991-- Europe-- Prisoners in Paradise-- Dir: Nick Morris
  Aug 1991-- Steelheart-- She's gone-- Dir: Nick Morris
  May 1991-- Roadhouse-- Tower of love-- Dir: Nick Morris
   -- Sly & Love Child-- Change of heart-- Dir: Nick Bray

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