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N. Lee Lacy & Associates Ltd.

Production company
Status : unknown
Country : USA

Little is known about this company. If you can provide missing information (founders, dates of activity, etc.) please do let us know.

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19 videos are currently listed for this company:
   1989-- Cindy Bullens-- Breakin' the chain-- Dir: Victor Ginsberg
  Mar 1986-- Alabama-- She and I-- Dir: David Hogan
  Mar 1986-- Earl Thomas Conley-- Once in a blue moon-- Dir: David Hogan
  Mar 1986-- E.G. Daily-- Say it, say it-- Dir: Dominic Sena
  Feb 1986-- John Mellencamp-- R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A.-- Dir: John Mellencamp
  Jan 1986-- Sly & the Family Stone-- Everyday people [version 1]-- Dir: Jeremy Kagan
  Jan 1986-- Mickey Thomas-- Stand in the fire-- Dir: Richard Baskin
  Jan 1986-- the Hollies-- Bus stop-- Dir: Dominic Sena & Greg Gold
  Jan 1986-- Klymaxx-- I miss you-- Dir: Dominic Sena
  Jan 1986-- Procol Harum-- A whiter shade of pale [version 2]-- Dir: David Hogan
  Jan 1986-- the Rascals-- Good lovin'-- Dir: Eric Laneuville
  Jan 1986-- the Zombies-- She's not there-- Dir: Bob Balaban
  Nov 1985-- Clarence Clemons-- You're a friend of mine-- Dir: Edd Griles
  Oct 1985-- Sheena Easton-- Do it for love-- Dir: Edd Griles
  Sep 1985-- Alabama-- Can't keep a good man down-- Dir: David Hogan
  Aug 1985-- Sting-- Fortress around your heart-- Dir: Mick Haggerty
  Aug 1985-- 'til tuesday-- Looking over my shoulder-- Dir: Mick Haggerty
  Jul 1985-- Herb Alpert-- 8 ball-- Dir: Just Jaeckin
  Jul 1985-- Cheap Trick-- Tonight it's you [version 1]-- Dir: Just Jaeckin

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