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HSI Productions

Production company
Status : defunct
Founded : 1986
Closed : Mar 2015
Founder : Stavros Merjos
Country : USA
They also had offices in Australia, England and France.

Click here to list all videos that HSI Productions is known to have been involved with.

Directors who have worked with HSI Productions:

Chris Applebaum, Arni & Kinski, Peter Berg, Irv Blitz, Blue Leach, Benny Boom, Philip Boston (?-2005), Kevin Bray, the Brothers Strause (?-2004), Scott Burns (?-2005), Nathalie Canguilhem, Hayley Cloake (?-2004), Gerard de Thame, David Dobkin, Fatima, Justin Francis (2005-?), F. Gary Gray, Howard Greenhalgh (?-2005), Robert Hales (?-2004), Robert Hales (2005-?), Michael Haussman, Simon Henwood, Jess Holzworth, Paul Hunter, Jacobs & Briere, Jake & Jim, Jaci Judelson, Joseph Kahn, J.J. Keith, Todd Kellstein (?-2004), Randy Krallman, David LaChapelle, X, the Malloys, Dave Merhar (?-2005), Paul Middleditch, Joe Public, Marcus Raboy, Brett Ratner, Chris Robinson, the Saline Project (2004-?), Kevin Samuels, Karen Schuld, Peggy Sirota, Scott Speer (2005-?), Josh Taft, Jessy Terrero (?-2004), Joseph Toman, Matthew Vaughn (2005-?), Nick Wickham, Olly Williams, Len Wiseman.

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