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Revolver Film Company

Production company
Status : active
Founded : 1983
Founder : Don Allan
Country : Canada
Revolver once ran a very active US branch.

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Contact information :

Current roster    (as of 06 Feb 2013)

Other directors who have worked with Revolver Film Company in the past:

Javier Aguilera, David Cowdery, Nick Craine, Robert Cuffley, Mark Cutler, Bruce Dickson, Matt Eastman, Ebanks (?-2004), Tryan George (?-2004), Julian Gibbs, Dale Heslip, Ante Kovac, Craig McDean (?-2004), Micah Meisner, Christopher Mills (?-2004), Steven Murashige (2000-2001), Benno Nelson, Nitin (?-2004), Holly Paige-Joyner, Plates Animation, Kathi Prosser (?-2004), Rankin (?-2004), Jeff Renfroe (?-2004), Terry Richardson (?-2004), Shafei & Levitz (2005-?), Floria Sigismondi, Mario Sorrenti (?-2004), Wyatt Troll, Ulf, Curtis Wehrfritz, Scott Weintrob, Eric Yealland.

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