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Clever Films

39 videos are currently listed for this company:
  Aug 2004-- Gentleman-- Superior-- Dir: Ras Kassa
  Nov 2003-- Twista-- Slow jamz-- Dir: Fat Cats
  Sep 2003-- ATL-- Calling all girls-- Dir: Fat Cats
  Jul 2003-- T.I.-- 24's-- Dir: Fat Cats
  Jul 2003-- Three 6 Mafia-- Ridin' spinners-- Dir: Fat Cats
  Feb 2003-- Brian McKnight-- Shoulda, coulda, woulda-- Dir: Frank Sacramento
  Oct 2002-- Youngbloodz-- Cadillac pimpin-- Dir: Fat Cats
  Oct 2002-- Audiovent-- Looking down-- Dir: Glen Bennett
  Sep 2002-- Sugarcult-- Pretty girl-- Dir: Steven Oritt
  Sep 2002-- Jim Crow-- Hot wheels-- Dir: Fat Cats
  Aug 2002-- Matthew-- Everybody down-- Dir: Danny Passman
  May 2002-- Godsmack-- I stand alone-- Dir: the Brothers Strause
  May 2002-- Big Tymers-- Still fly-- Dir: Terry Heller & Sylvian White
  Mar 2002-- Silk-- We're calling you-- Dir: Sylvian White
  Feb 2002-- Master P-- Oohhhwweeee-- Dir: Terry Heller & Master P & Danny Passman
  Dec 2001-- Bell Biv DeVoe-- Da hot shit-- Dir: the Brothers Strause
  Sep 2001-- Gerald Levert-- Made to love ya-- Dir: Terry Heller
  Sep 2001-- Masters at Work-- Work-- Dir: Sylvian White
  Sep 2001-- 112-- Dance with me-- Dir: Terry Heller
  Aug 2001-- Nickelback-- How you remind me-- Dir: the Brothers Strause
  Aug 2001-- Laura Dawn-- I would-- Dir: Anthony Mandler
  May 2001-- Black Eyed Peas-- Get original-- Dir: Anthony Mandler
  Apr 2001-- Angie Martinez-- Coast 2 coast-- Dir: Terry Heller
  Mar 2001-- India.Arie-- Video-- Dir: Terry Heller
   2001-- Jimmy Cozier-- She's all I got [version 2: remix]-- Dir: Sylvian White & Terry Heller
  Nov 2000-- 4th Avenue Jones-- Respect-- Dir: Anthony Mandler
  Nov 2000-- Vitamin C-- The itch-- Dir: the Brothers Strause
  Nov 2000-- Eightball-- Pimp hard-- Dir: Anthony Mandler
  Oct 2000-- the Pharcyde-- Trust [remix]-- Dir: the Brothers Strause
  Oct 2000-- Profyle-- Dream with no love-- Dir: Terry Heller
  Aug 2000-- Profyle-- Liar-- Dir: Terry Heller
  Jul 2000-- Southside Rockers-- Jump-- Dir: Sylvian White
  Jun 2000-- Miyuki-- Feel the revolution-- Dir: Sylvian White
  May 2000-- Lil Wayne-- Respect us-- Dir: Terry Heller
  Apr 2000-- Lil' Noah-- Shine-- Dir: Sylvian White & Terry Heller
  Apr 2000-- Cap One-- They luv dat-- Dir: Terry Heller
  Mar 2000-- Hezekiah Walker-- Let's dance-- Dir: Abdul Malik Abbott
  Jan 1997-- Ghostface Killah-- All that I got is you-- Dir: Terry Heller & Chuck Ozeas
  Sep 1996-- Da Bush Babees-- The love song-- Dir: Terry Heller

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